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Toddler Book plus Activities: If You Give a Moose a Muffin

Sweet Turtle Soup: Toddler Book plus Activites - If You Give a Moose a Muffin by Laura Numeroff
Aria is a big fan of the 'If you give a...' books by Laura Numeroff. The first one we read was 'If You Give a Moose a Muffin' which we fondly refer to as Moose Muffin around here. And, Aria knows that if you give a moose a muffin...he'll probably want some jam with it.

We are also big fans of books plus activities. Last week was a Moose Muffin kind of week.

Here are five activities we did that go along with 'If You Give a Moose a Muffin'.

Buttery Blueberry Streusel Muffins by Sally's Baking Addiction
Making muffins was the first that came to mind, and Aria loves to help me bake. I had a hankering for blueberry muffins, so blueberry moose muffins it was. This Buttery Blueberry Streusel Muffin from Sally's Baking Addiction is one of my absolute favorites - perfectly soft and delicious. Aria even ate every crumb and asked for another. That certainly doesn't happen all that often.

Muffin Alphabet Matching game
A non-edible muffin idea - matching muffin bottoms and tops. You can customize this one in all sorts of ways, but I went with the simplest of alphabet matching. I only give Aria a few at a time so as to not overwhelm her.
I made the muffins from construction paper. I layered the different colors I had on hand and then cut out 5 or so muffin halves instead of cutting out 26 individually. I stapled the paper together to keep them from sliding while I cut. Quick and easy.

Moose Shaker
I came across this one on pinterest while looking to see what other Moose Muffin ideas were out there. Cute right? He has a couple jingle bells I had leftover from Christmas inside of him.
You take two dixie cups, let your kid paint them, and then let dry. Hot glue the cups together with some sort of noise making bits inside - I had jingle bells, you could use rice or beans etc. Add eyes and a nose. And, for the antlers I used foam pumpkins I had leftover from Halloween and just cut out antler shapes. I used a knife to slice open little slits for the antlers to slide in, squeezed a blob of hot glue on the opening and shoved the antlers in a little ways.
The hot glue looks a little wonky in the center, but it is a kid's moose shaker. There is no need to strive for perfection. Just fun!

M is for Moose, hand print foot print moose painting craft
M is for Moose, hand print foot print moose painting craft
Aria's favorite craft is painting. And my favorite painting craft involves hand prints and foot prints! I have a reindeer like this from Christmas, so I figured I would just make it a moose by adding hands. I think this might be Aria's favorite of the Moose Muffin activities. She loves comparing her hands to the prints she made, which is what she is doing in the second picture - 'that's my footie mama'.
 Big M little m, what begins with m...

Moose Sock Puppet
I'm sorry I didn't just give you moose sock puppet nightmares, did I?
In the book moose makes sock puppets. So, we made sock puppets. Mostly mama made a sock puppet while Aria tried on the other pairs of socks that came with the brown sock I bought. The buttons we had lying around. The antlers are made from felt and a popsicle stick glued to the back so they don't look like dog ears. 

There you have it...5 Activities to go with 'If You Give a Moose a Muffin' by Laura Numeroff!

What are your favorite toddler books that lend themselves well to activities? 

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  1. I love this! Especially the sock puppet :D The hand and footprint moose is my favorite though. I need to pick up some of those books from the library; I know Reese would dig them.

  2. Stop it!! You are the funnest mom! These are the cuuuuuuutest ideas and I'm totally going to start doing this with Mia's books! Also, now I really want this book! We have If You Give a Pig a Party and it's one of our faves!

  3. LOVE THIS!!!
    The "If You Give a…" books are a HUGE hit in our house. I think we have all of them… If You Give a Cat a Cupcake and If You Give a Dog a Donut rank near the top of the favorites list. And, each of these books have so many different fun things to incorporate with them.
    Your matching ABCs muffins are so fun! We have a ton of colored construction paper that would be just perfect for this!!

  4. Love it! This is a great book! Keeping the idea in my mind for when Hal is a little bigger!

  5. I have never read this book which is alarming but yes. Such cute activities! You are such a good mama with all these. My goodness. Adorable.

  6. This is adorable! We both must be channeling the same brainlengths; we had a Dragons love Tacos inspired dinner, hehe

  7. These are such adorable activities! Filing this away for this summer!

  8. We don’t have any of the “If you give a…” books…but have heard great things about them! I love that y’all had activities to go with the book! You are such a good Mama! And those muffins look amazing. And I adore that moose made out of cups, the moose sock-puppet and her painting of the moose! So cute. You have one precious little doll!!

  9. I love this. You know we love a good book + craft correlation. We have Moose Muffin too. I should go through our books and see what crafts I can come up with. Not getting to the library anytime soon that's for sure.

  10. Great ideas! I looove that book!

  11. Great ideas! I looove that book!

  12. We love that series! Such a great idea!

  13. Aaahhhh what a cute post. I just love it I need to remember this for Pre-School! Oooohhhh I see a Pin button I am totally pinning it.

  14. So fun, love the idea of book-themed activities!!

  15. Ez got really excited when he saw the dixie cup moose, so it looks like that one's on our to-do list :) Love all these, now we just need to get the book!

  16. Wow, you are just the coolest mom ever! Can I come live with you? :)

    Mandie ~

  17. Oh my gosh, I NEED to do this with Mason! We went out to a restaurant the other day and Seth's grandma got a blueberry muffin and Mason literally ate her whole muffin. Poor Bubbie only got the crumbs that were left. I think Mason would get a kick out of helping me bake (though I will probably hate myself when I have to clean up the mess lol). I have tomorrow off and Mason has a cold so I'm keeping him home with me... I think we might need to make these!

    1. OH NO! I JUST realized that I lent my sister in law BOTH of my muffin tins! Nooooooo! "Give her both" Seth said. "You won't need them soon." He said. And now I am kicking myself for listening to him...


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