Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Birthday Weekend

Sweet Turtle Soup: Birthday Weekend
I feel like birthdays are getting even better with age. I get to spend them with my favorite people doing my favorite things plus I have the best excuse to pass on diaper duty and dish clean up. What is not to love about that?

My Birthday (29th) was on Tuesday, the 31st so Chris took off Monday and Tuesday from work. So we had one long spectacular weekend. Let me tell you all about it...

softballs, trains, and vodka milkshakes!
The weather was pretty perfect this weekend. Probably the last of the nice weather before sweltering completely takes over. We spent a huge chunk of the day just running around in the backyard. Aria found the old softball somewhere so her favorite thing is 'fetch'. The dogs won't fetch for anything, but Aria thinks that it is a lot of fun especially when you run with her to go get it or she gets a piggy back ride in the process.

We also took a trip to Barnes and Noble to play with the trains and pull everything off the shelves.

When bedtime rolled around Aria fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow so I painted my toes and made myself a cake batter vodka milkshake. What birthday isn't complete without some cake batter vodka?

A trip to Petsmart, the dreaded mall play set, toddler sunnies, and playground fun
Right after breakfast we hit up the pet store and then popped over to one of my fave playgrounds. When the mall opened we headed over there to order the birthday cookie cake, and while we waited for them to make it we let Aria run around the mall play set. Worst choice ever. She wanted to jump off of things like the big kids but mostly she just fell on her face. She learned how to use her foot to push kids out of the way. And, then we called it quits when she pushed a little boy off the play house. It was like she picked up all the bad habits she could in those twenty minutes. Never again. We got a pretzel instead and ate that while we waited.
Dinner at our fave Mexican restaurant
My mom's birthday is two days before mine so we usually celebrate with Mexican on the day between. Our restaurant of choice is closed Mondays so we ate all the yummy food on Sunday instead. Aria is normally an excellent dinner out companion, and she was in top shape with her markers and french fries.
Birthday presents - Brita Filter, Pyrex, Alex and Ani, Old Navy Vintage Tees
We came back to the house for presents and cookie cake!
Mrs. Fields' Cooke Cake
Aria was out cold the second her head hit the pillow again, and I conked out shortly thereafter. Aria and I clearly know how to party hard.

We hit up another favorite playground on Monday and then had hot dogs for lunch along with a ton of leftover cookie cake. It is so nice to have access to a car so we can run off to the playground whenever. Dad should stay home from work more often!

On the big day we decided to head over to Downtown Disney for the afternoon. Disney is in the process of transforming Downtown into Disney Springs, and it is really starting to look lovely. We used the new parking garage for the first time and it was rather convenient. Then we just walked around at Aria's pace and checked out all the new things.
Disney Springs - 'watch our progress'
Disney Springs
They've added a bridge connecting the center of Disney Springs over to the far end where Rainforest Cafe is, which is perfection in my opinion. It was such a hike from one end to the other before. So, we took the bridge and saw this gator for the first time. Has it always been there? I'd never gone far enough over to notice it. It also moves and scared the pee out of the family next to us posing for a picture.
Disney Springs - Rainforest Cafe
Aria insisted that we go inside the Rainforest Cafe gift shop and explore.
Disney Springs - Rainforest Cafe
And, then we were definitely ready for lunch at our fave spot - Earl of Sandwich.
Disney Springs - Earl of Sandwich
Disney Springs - Earl of Sandwich
Then more walking!
Disney Springs - Lego Dragon
There is this little amphitheater type sitting spot by the water. Aria ran around squealing with delight, playing hide and seek with dad (while mom drank her Starbucks), and being her general full of energy self.
Disney Springs
Then we made our way back to the car so we could get dessert at Rita's. It is one of our must do stops when we are in PA, and we found out they have a location in Orlando a few months ago. So, we finally made a trip to see it. It was almost an hour from Disney property so it would be great if they moved a bit closer to either Disney or our neck of the woods.
Rita's Gelati, asleep at Target, and vodka and Rummy-O
We enjoyed our Rita's and then headed for home. Aria passed out when we were all of ten minutes from home, so we stopped at Target to do a little secret Easter shopping for her basket while she continued to sleep on dad. Aria was at 100% energy when we got home but she settled down for bedtime pretty well a few hours later. So, Chris and I had ended the day with a little vodka (cake vodka for me and boring ol regular vodka for him) and game night - he won :(

Now I have a birthday hangover! I could sleep all day. I think Aria might thwart those aspirations though. 

It really was the perfect Birthday Weekend - not too crazy but just crazy enough. And, thanks again for the Birthday wishes - they all put a smile on my face as they popped up on my phone throughout the day yesterday!


  1. Oh my goodness, Courtney! My cheeks hurt from smiling so much while reading about all your birthday fun - lol! :) That's so awesome that Chris took Monday and Tuesday off so that your family could enjoy one long, glorious weekend celebrating Y-O-U!!! :) Every lit'l bit of it sounded amazing!! What a birthday (weekend) to remember!! :)

  2. So much birthday fun in this post!!! I LOVE IT! That photo of Aria smiling right at you at lunch?! It's just perfect! She's such an awesome restaurant eater (pretty jealous here) but so glad you guys got to enjoy so much with her! How fun that your and your mom's bdays are so close that you get to celebrate together! 4 generations of your family's women in that photo! How cool is that!

  3. Oh my goodness friend what a perfect birthday! Cake batter vodka what? Whatever it is it sounds amazing. So glad you had such a great birthday and were able to celebrate it for 4 days. Now that is a real celebration!

  4. Wow- you guys did a ton! So much birthday goodness :) And of course that cookie cake. I'm making my hubby get one for me this year. Love that picture of Aria with the sunglasses on- little superstar! So cool that Chris took off too so you got extra family time. Yay for birthdays!

  5. I would definitely agree to that! It’s so fun to share a birthday with your family. Mason gets as excited as if it were his own bday! I’m so glad you were able to have a nice long weekend celebrating!! Cake batter vodka? Never heard of that…but sounds pretty yummy! And yay for Disney on your actual birthday!! Looks like you guys had a great weekend. Love the pictures.

  6. What a wonderful long weekend!! So much celebrating...I'm tired. ;) Think I can convince Sean we should celebrate ALL of my birthdays at Disney? Probably not, but it sounds so fun! That's so nice of Chris to take off for you! Sean usually takes like a half day or something. Thank you for the pictures of Aria, they're the best!

  7. Look like lots of birthday fun! Those are the best kind of hangover! Hah.

  8. Your birthday weekend sounds perfect! And it sounds like Aria had a pretty good pseudo birthday weekend too. Lucky girl gets to celebrate so much! I LOVE that picture of her at the Earl of Sandwich (which we still need to try by the way!!!). She looks so cute! And downtown Disney is the perfect birthday celebration spot. What is Disney Springs though? Like Radiator Springs?
    Oh and also, Mason has picked up the WORST habits recently! He totally pushes kids down the slide even if they aren't ready to go and apparently pulls kids hair. Oy...

  9. What a fantastic birthday weekend! I especially love the disney Addition. I can't wait to see the finished downtown Disney!!! Last time I was there it was such a mess. And yes That gator has been there before. All in all a birthday for the books!

  10. Happy Bday!!! It looks like you guys had an amazing and eventful weekend! That cake batter vodka cocktail looks amazing!

  11. What a fun week!!! I want to go to Disney for my Bday!!!

  12. Rita's is my favorite, especially mango or pear! I got hooked on it when I lived in Delaware (since they are all over the upper east coast), and then I found one seriously 10 minutes from my house here in Utah. It's dangerous!

  13. Yay for 4 days of celebrations! That's the way to do it! I'm jealous of that cake batter vodka milkshake. Might have to go that route for my bday this summer. Think that'll go well with a margarita? Or is that a bit much for someone who's been alcohol-free for 9 months? And is it sad I'm already planning my alcohol consumption when I've still got 3 months to go?

    Is Disney Springs related to Radiator Springs? Looks like Disney World has a way bigger downtown than Disneyland.

    They just put in a Rita's right down the street. I'd never heard of it before, but if it's worthy of bday dessert, then I'll definitely try them out soon!

    Happy Birthday! Glad you had a good one :)

  14. What a perfect, perfect weekend of celebrating! I knew your birthday would be good to you :) Your family is so good at celebrating special days!
    I've heard so much about Rita's the past couple of years and I'm DYING to try it!!

  15. Birthday perfection, for sure!!!
    Pretty sure the cake batter vodka and sleep would have been the highlights for me. ;)
    There's a Rita's near us and everyone RAVES about it. Clearly we need to check it out, it looks and sounds beyond delightful.
    Glad you had such an awesome Birthday weekend!!

  16. Sounds like an amazing birthday! Happy belated birthday to you! :)

    By the way, I would like to hear more about the Cake Batter Vodka Milkshake...

    Mandie ~


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