Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sweet Sunday

March 22nd - 28th
All of our simple and sweet moments from the past week.

Riding around on the dolly
Her new ride.

Easter stamps from Target
I found Easter stamps in the Target dollar section!

out of frame butterfly
There was a butterfly fluttering around very close to Aria. Naturally it fluttered out of frame by the time I grabbed the camera.

Easter eggs in an egg carton
I gave Aria the empty egg carton while I was making lunch and it entertained her the whole time.

egg carton, fridge sitting
Eggs go in the refrigerator, right?

Have a sweet Sunday!


  1. I love those leggings! And girl's hair is getting so long!

  2. I'm beyond excited to serve lunch in an egg carton (have you seen those Pins?!) The Dollar Spot never disappoints!

  3. Her shirt doesn't like! She is SERIOUSLY CUTE! I love that first picture of her new ride. At first I thought Chris was mowing the lawn and she was going to be doing something near by but then I scrolled down and she was riding the dolly. Love it! And that egg carton... might have to try that! Anything that can entertain them for at least 10 min is a win in my book!

  4. Egg carton- good idea! Reese was entertained with packages of toilet paper from Costco the other day and it kept her busy for a long time! It's always the simplest things and not their own toys, right? Haha :)

  5. Love her new ride! And butterfly fun!

  6. YES! Seriously cute!! Such a great idea to give her the egg carton...duh!

  7. You scored awesomely with those stamps! Our One Spot always seems to lack when it comes to cool finds, and I go enough to check quite frequently.
    An egg carton - genius. We have the plastic eggs out, but the carton would add an extra element of entertainment!

  8. I lI've her trying to put the eggs in the fridge! Also genius activity - that will be stolen today! Easter stamps at Target?! I must have missed them! Maybe I'll just have to go back this week.... :)

  9. What a sweet day you had!! I used to love playing with stamps; Im sure she was entertained for hours!!!

  10. Aria is looking particularly grown-up lately!! Love that face/sitting in the fridge. :) I will be saving our next empty egg cartons..

  11. That's so many stamps for a dollar - score!! And I second what Laureen said, Aria looks so grown up. I know I say it all the time, but it seems like she looks taller in every post. Grow slower, Aria! ;)

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