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What I Pack for a Trip to Disney with a Toddler

Sweet Turtle Soup - What to Pack for a Trip to Disney with a Toddler
Sweet Turtle Soup - What I Pack for a Trip to Disney with a Toddler
1. A little entertainment - I bring a book for Aria. We don't always need it, but it's been useful a time or two. Usually in line for food or waiting for a parade.

2. Extra clothes - Bring one more outfit than you think you'll need. Those Disney ice cream bars are messy. I also pack Aria's shoes because we have an hour and a half drive to whichever park in the morning and barefoot is always more comfy for a car ride. And, I bring a pair of pjs to change her into on the way home so she is ready to plop into her crib right when we get back.

3. Extra hair accessories - If your little girl is anything like mine than she is always pulling out hair elastics and dropping them places. I tuck an extra in the diaper bag and in my purse.

4. All the diaper things - This one is pretty obvious. Not potty trained? Bring diapers, wipes, and a changing pad (unless you are okay with butt germs). I also bring Aria's extra potent diaper creme for extra butt protection. Plus, I pack as many diapers into those two pockets inside as fits, which is ten by the way. We nearly ran out our very first visit. Now I pack on the excessive side.

5. Things for eating - Bibs, hand wipes, utensil set, and disposable placemats. Especially the hand wipes. We went through a whole pack of Johnson's one visit. All the messy fingers.

6. Nap necessities - If your kid needs something to fall asleep don't forget it. Aria always sleeps and naps with a specific blanket. I forgot it once, I won't be doing that again.

7. Sunscreen - No-brainer. It is sunny Florida after all. The spray kind is much easier.

8. Snacks and water - Always snacks. The kind that don't melt. If your kid gets a snack attack and it isn't convenient to eat a meal somewhere...tossing them some raisins, goldfish, pretzels, etc can save the day. I pack up Aria's Beaba stacking container with whatever particular snacks we have on hand, and sometimes I'll bring her Munchkin snack cup because then she can hold it. Grapes are also a good snack to bring. And, a sippy of water to keep hydrated. I also bring a sippy of milk that Aria usually finishes on the ride to the parks in the morning. Don't forget you can get a free cup of water at counter service spots.

9. Misc. - Bring your own poncho, unless you like throwing away money. Bring a couple ziploc baggies, you never know when you might need them. I've used them to bring leftovers from a meal for Aria to snack on later and to pack up wet clothes.

10. Not pictured - A rain cover for your stroller. It is Florida. It rains a lot. A stroller fan. That little extra bit of wind is key during the hot summer days.

*Aria is two years old, and not potty training!

Sweet Turtle Soup - What I Pack in my Disney Bag
1. Main Pouch - Hair comb. Sunglasses. Magic band. ID. Cell phone. Tylenol. Band aids. Tooth picks. Extra hair elastic for both myself and Aria. Keys. And, a map for whichever park we are visiting that day.

2. Middle Zipper - Lip gloss. Gum. Hand sanitizer. Disney gift cards if we happen to have any.

3. Smallest Zipper - Clean pennies and quarters so we can get pressed pennies.

4. Not pictured - I bring our largest water bottle for Chris and myself. And, can't leave home without my camera.

*tip - Go as light as you can, and use a cross body purse. Don't forget to download the My Disney Experience app on your phone so you can make fastpasses, find food, check line waits, etc.

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  1. I want to take Kennedy so badly to Disney because she is sooo into Mickey and Minnie, Frozen, Sofia etc...but with the new baby coming it's not going to be anytime soon. However I will keep these tips in mind when we finally do go. Thanks for sharing! In the meantime, I will live vicariously through your blog, haha.

  2. Gosh I love this. I love packing the bag for Disney. As sick as that may sound. I'm an organized freak. I think you covered everything I would pack too. Oh! Glow sticks! For inside scarier rides or for during fireworks!

  3. Yep, these are all very similar to the things we bring! I usually pack a little insulated fabric cooler with all the snacks. It's amazing how much my kid will snack when we're putzing around the park!

  4. Good tips! I have never been Disney but can't wait to take Elin someday!! :)

  5. Great list! I really want one of those stroller covers. Even though it only rains like 5 days a year here, those are inevitably the days my parents want to go ;)

  6. This just makes me so excited!! I can't wait to take the babes to Disney! Since we don't live that close I want to wait until it's somewhat memorable. Thanks for the great tips!

  7. I'll keep a mental note of this for when we finally go to Disney! :)

  8. Oh the days of packing ALL the things. Emily was a baby and Marissa was 3 when we went to Disney. Boy was packing A LOT of work.

    Good tips friend! Have an awesome weekend.

  9. Love that purse! One of my favourite things to do at Disney is press pennies. Seems silly but I totally love it. :)

  10. Great tips! And I totally agree with all of these things. Man, when you're going to be away for a day with a kid, you have to pack TONS of stuff, especially snacks!

  11. Those are fabulous tips!!!!! Do you just wear your camera the entire time or do you shove it in your purse too? Also, are you paranoid about getting it wet? Great post!

  12. Love these tips! Pressed pennies are one of my favorite souvenirs - I started getting a few of those for Reese to start her own collection. Kids require so many things, but it's worth it to bring them to Disney! :)

  13. This is so great. If we ever plan a Disney trip, you're the first girl I'm going to call. Disney expert!

  14. Awesome post girlfriend! And yes to the cross body! I wouldn't go with anything else!


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