Thursday, February 12, 2015

7 Favorite Memories: Valentine's Edition

Since Valentine's Day is almost upon us I thought it would be fun to do a little Chris & me post. So I asked him to think of 7 of his favorite memories of us and I'd do the same. We did something similar last year too, and I think it is always a hoot to do little his and hers 'quizzes' for lack of a better word. If you haven't before, you should try it sometime!

p.s. And, just like last year the most recent family picture is from Christmas! Happy Valentine's Day/Merry Christmas!
Sweet Turtle Soup: 7 Favorite Memories - Valentine's Edition

My fave memories:
1. We met at my junior prom. It was a group type thing, but we'd never met. We all ate at my friend's house beforehand, and I remember glancing up at Chris every once in a while thinking he was the cutest. We were also as far apart as you could be at the table so we didn't talk, but that memory is pretty clear while the rest of the evening is a bit fuzzier now.

2. Walking into our first apartment after we'd moved cross country together. We unpacked what we'd fit into the car, and slept on the floor while we waited for the rest of our things to arrive with the moving container. It was such an exciting moment driving cross country and officially moving in together.

3. When he proposed after we had just gotten back to our apartment. I was eating fries. I thought he was joking at first.

4. Staying at Disney's Boardwalk Inn for our honeymoon - the whole thing. And, staying at Disney in general. We also stayed again at the Boardwalk with Aria a couple years later. It is hard to beat waking up on Disney property.

5. After Aria was born and they'd taken her to the NICU I thought nothing sounded better than getting a coke. So, Chris went and grabbed me something from McDonald's and a coke. That coke tasted fantastic. It was so weird giving birth and then not having a baby with you. The room went from absolutely full of people ready to cater to Aria's premature needs and then all off a sudden it was just me and Chris. And, then just me when he went to fetch that coke.

6. Also while Aria was in the NICU and she had just gotten her first bath she had her eyes wide open. All she did was stare at Chris, and he just looked back. It is a sweet memory.

7. That time he bought me an extended edition of Independence Day after I'd seen that such a thing existed on the television. He heard me say how awesome it was and the next thing I knew I had my very own copy.

His fave memories:
1. Going to Medieval Times, Disney, and our 3rd Anniversary when we stayed at a hotel.

2. Whitewater kayaking down Muddy Creek together.

3. Taking walks around the open space parks in Colorado with the dogs.

4. Playing games together - World of Warcraft, board games, etc.

5. Dancing at prom, drinking 151 afterwards.

6. Nightly family reading/playing with Aria before bed.

7. Swimming in the ocean and being out in the sun at the beach.


  1. Aww this is the sweetest post EVER!!!!! Love it!!! Happy heart day to all three of you!!

  2. So adorable! Happy Valentines Week!

  3. Such sweet memories :). I was eating fries and thought it was a joke, lol. That is awesome.

  4. Very sweet. What cracks me up is how your have multi-lined answers & his are right to the point one liners. Tee hee! Love it! :)

    Mandie ~

  5. Such a good idea and sweet too!!! If you're into romance and all that. ;)

  6. I love reading your answers compared to his :) Fun idea! I have a running list of favorite memories I keep in a wine bottle. This is a good reminder to add some more!

  7. This is the sweetest post!
    The bit about Chris and Aria starting at each other after her delivery made me tear up. What an amazing moment and memory.

  8. I kinda love all your memories!! a very sweet post! I totally relate to you about all the people and then no ppl or baby bc she's off to the NICU. It's weird/sweet/bitter all at the same time.

  9. This is so sweet! I totally agree. Nothing beats waking up on Disney property. I love that he included nightly family time. :)

  10. What a fun post idea! I like how you picked 7 from each to get 14!! What great memories!!

  11. This is the sweetest! I love this idea!
    And I love how different men vs women are. You took the time to write an explanation about what you were referring to and he wrote one sentence. Not that his has any less importance or meaning, but it's just funny how straight forward men are and how much women like to explain.

  12. Ummmm I totally NEED to do this!!!!! I love how you had a paragraph for everything and he had a sentence. Men! So he mentioned dancing at prom together...I assume that is when the official connection was made for both of ya'll?!? How exciting. Also, I can't even imagine the lonely feeling you felt in the room all by yourself after giving birth!

  13. Melt my heart! Such a sweet post. Ahh, the memories.


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