Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sweet Sunday

December 21st - January 10th
Catching up on all of our simple and sweet moments from the past few weeks.

getting dirty
Some critter dug a hole in the yard so Aria decided she needed to play in the exposed dirt and rub some on her tummy. She is so Chris' daughter.

kitty in the stars
The star box from Aria's 2nd Birthday Party has been adopted by the cat.

Hollywood Studios for Christmas Lights
From our trip to see the Christmas Lights at Disney's Hollywood Studios. We felt like singing in the rain.

apron twinning
Aria and I sported our new aprons to make cookies for Santa.

Chris' family came to town for a holiday visit.

reading all the books
She was so excited when I switched her Christmas books for her regular books. We've read them over and over. It was like they were all brand new again!

Beagle and his cone of shame
Baxter had a tumor that needed to be removed so Aria and I have been his nurses. She reminds me he needs his medicine and we take him on super slow walks around the yard. He gets to wear his cone for a whole two weeks, which he just adores. Chris gets to do the wound care though, because gag.

palm waving
Aria ran off towards the side of the house and the next thing I know she is dragging a palm branch back with her. She gets to the porch and starts waving it as high above her head as she can get it. Huzzah.

zoom zoom
Wearing her safety helmet aka strainer while daddy zooms her around the house in her box.

taking a break from weed plucking
Contemplating life...and weeds.

gathering all the sand
silly poses with mom
spinning with dad
Just a quick trip to the beach before dinner. Aria was bummed we couldn't go in the water because it was too cold, but she made up for it by rolling around in the sand. I think she had a wee bit of fun even without swimming.

 So, I'm back! I was only planning on taking a break for about a week and a half, but I was enjoying the time off so much that I just kept on going. Mostly I dove into a bunch of books, and it was glorious. But, now I'm ready to hop back into my blogging calendar. I wouldn't want to miss documenting the good stuff, and I've missed keeping up with everybody else in blog-land too. Who is ready for a super belated Christmas post?

Have a Sweet Sunday!


  1. That picture of Aria in the box with her "safety helmet" is priceless!!!! Love it! Man, Iove your location and how you live so close to the beach and Disney! Lucky! I have always said if I moved anywhere it would be to Florida!

  2. I've missed seeing your posts the last few weeks. Glad you're back!

  3. YAY!!!!!! Welcome back friend! I missed you but am SO glad you had such an amazing break! LOVE all the pictures but especially LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach pictures and Chris swinging Aria in the air!

  4. Welcome back! I'm all about the christmas posts! Have to document it all if you ask me. Looks like you had a great few weeks off just enjoying life!

  5. Welcome back! Looks like a great vacation. I love those last few beach pictures. And poor Baxter :( Hope he's feeling better!

  6. yayay!!!! We missed youuu!!! I'm so happy your had a refreshing break! P.S. Those beach pictures most definitely are framers! LOVE them!!

  7. This is my first time reading your blog! I love the picture of your new aprons. I took a huge blogging break and just came back. I skipped right over anything Christmas related and jumped right into the new year haha.

  8. So glad you're back!! Glad yall had a good break and some quality time too. And, of course, seeing Aria puts a huge smile on my face!

  9. I love how she is not afraid to get dirty in the dirt! And I love the pic of you guys in the apron, so cute!

  10. These are the greatest pictures! I especially love the beach shots! And I know I say it every time you post a picture of her in them, but I LOVE your daughter's Christmas jammies! It's like they were made just for her, they are so perfect! :)

  11. Love, love, love all the photos!! I've missed you guys, ha ha!

  12. Boxes are the best toys aren't they?! Looks like y'all had a wonderful Christmas season!

  13. Love seeing everyone's Christmas pictures!! Such a beautiful family.

  14. Cute pictures! I did the same thing... wasn't intending to be away for as long as I was, but it was super nice! Glad you're back :)

  15. Those beach pics could not be more perfect!! Love when such fun moments like that can be captured forever! :)


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