Thursday, January 29, 2015

[Guest Post] Getting to Know Desiree from Macke Monologues

I'd like to bring to your attention the fact that my little lady told her mama the best 'L' word there is last night! I was telling her good night and that I love her as I was leaving her room and then I hear a sweet "love you mom much" in response. She's been telling misc. objects that she loves them for a while now and even the dogs, and she will say "love mom" or "love daddy" if you ask her to. But, she had not offered it up all on her own before. So, to say I was a big puddle is an understatement. Total mom highlight.

I'd also like to bring to your attention the fact that today is Q&A day! The lovely and sweet Desiree from Macke Monologues is on the blog with a fun Q&A guest post. I love asking some of my absolute favourite bloggers a slew of random questions. It is always so interesting getting the answers back. Desiree announced her pregnancy with baby #2 recently so it might be a little obvious from my questions that that was on my mind. If you haven't visited her blog before I highly recommend it. I think you'll find it a happy and encouraging and genuine place. So, scroll down to see her answers and then pop over for a visit.

Thanks for answering my questions today, Desiree!
 Make sure to stop by her blog today, and tell her Courtney sent you!


  1. Love Desiree and her sweet family. So fun reading a little more about her.

  2. So fun reading a bit more about Desiree! And girlfriend!!!!!!! Yay for the unprompted display of the L word!!!!!!! Isn't it the best?!?!?! So so so happy for you!!!

  3. Thank you so much for having me guest post! The questions we so much fun to answer!
    And, WOOHOO for the "L" word! Literally one of the best things to ever hear!

  4. Aww, so sweet to hear an unprompted L word for the first time! Can't wait for that day :)

    Love the Q&A. Definitely heading over to Desiree's blog now.

  5. I love this series! I started following Desiree a few weeks ago, and I love her blog. Such a cute and sweet family!

    Isn't hearing those little words just the BEST?? Reese says it to us now too, and it is SO sweet!

  6. YAY for the L word!!!!! Must have been the BEST feeling in the world!
    Also, love Desiree and loved learning more about her! And loved learning how she told Scott and Marcus about baby #2. I didn't know that and I love it!

  7. Stopping by from Desiree's site to say hello! I just love Q&A's and I really liked the questions you had for her.


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