Monday, June 30, 2014

The Blob

Last Friday I mentioned that we made a blob for our Summer Desserts and Drinks party, but it was so awesome that it needed its own post. So, here is that post! The blob post!

We followed the directions on this blog, but I saw this one after the fact and it sounds like it would work better. Pretty sure somebody at the party mentioned melting the plastic together instead of using tape, so clearly they were on to something. This time we just did the old fold in half, tape, and fill method. There were a lot of leaks, but then again it was a lot more fun when wet. But, but you can just set the hose or sprinkler nearby for the same results. We also added some blue dye, just for fun.
summer time water play
Aria was not at all sure about it at first. She wouldn't walk on it. And, just stood there wanting somebody to pick her up.
summer time water play
 Rory was down with it though.
summer time water play
Aria watched from her little pool of water spot. We didn't stay out too long, because it was hot and there were desserts to be had inside.

summer time water play
After the desserts were all eaten and the games were played we went back outside to blob some more.
summer time water play
Aria was much more into it this time, but Chris was a little more into it. He also added some water on top and those two got soaked. It was about this time that Baxter snuck off and rolled in something that smelled like death. So while Chris gave him a quick bath, Aria stole the hose and proceeded to spray all the onlookers. She sure knows how to show her guests a good time!

summer time water play
We left it up over night and the next day it was deflated. So, Chris and Aria filled that sucker back up! The plastic sheeting was like 25 bucks, so we wanted to get some more use out of it.
summer time water play
summer time water play
summer time water play
Aria and I marched around on it, and splashed in the puddles.

But, Chris thought of a better idea. Blob Slip N Slide!
summer time water play
summer time water play
summer time water play

She much preferred slip n sliding with dad!
summer time water play
summer time water play
 and over...
summer time water play
and over! 
And, just in case you weren't sure just how much fun 'the blob' is I made a video!
p.s. it killed the grass underneath...sacrifices.
p.p.s. let's make another!
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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sweet Sunday

June 22nd - 28th
The simple and sweet moments from the past week.

pewi ybike
 Drinking and biking already. And, these are my favourite shorts ever!

 I use to play with this little tiny kitchen set as a kid. Aria has been digging it lately.

Chris has been getting home from work and running around outside with Aria before cooling off in the hose/sprinkler before dinner almost every night. It has been awesome for all parties! Just look at that happy.
Wherever You Are My Love Will Find You by Nancy TillmanAs much time as she spends outside, she spends just as much inside reading.
 That would be a tiny shovel from that tiny kitchen set a few pictures up between her toes! She was fiddling with her feet so I zoomed in and when she brought her hands away there it was. She is my favourite nut.
Have a sweet Sunday!
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Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Bucket List #2 - sweet treats

It is officially officially summer! I had the idea to throw a Summer Desserts and Drinks party last summer, but never got around to it. So, this year I thought it would be something fun to host on the first day of summer. Although, technically it was on the second day of summer because schedules and what not. Close enough.
I whipped up an invite with picmonkey.

I made a huge to-do list - 3 hour party....3 days of prep!

I made some sweet treats - lemons bars and strawberry pretzel salad.

And, some fun drinks - raspberry moscato sangria and watermelon lemonade.

Then everybody showed up.
 Aria wasn't so sure about sharing her broom.

There was eating.
 The lemon bars were like a punch in the face with lemon, I literally had a lemon hangover at the end of the party. And, the strawberry pretzel salad is a long time favourite that is perfect for the summer. There was also ice cream cake and orange cake.
Aria was a fan of all of the above.

And, drinking.
I thought the watermelon lemonade was much too tart, and the sangria was gone so quickly I didn't even get the chance to try it. I'm thinking that means I need to make it again so I can have a taste, Chris said it was delicious.

There was a blob, which was so much fun it deserves its own post.

There was shoe stealing.

 There was a life sized board game.
I got the idea from The 36th Avenue, but brought it inside (because hot). For something so simple it was a lot of fun, and I will definitely be repeating down the road - perfect rainy day activity with minimal effort.
 I didn't make a large set of dice, and instead just grabbed one from a game we already had. Since we have tiles in the living room I just used painters tape and a sharpie to number a path. Then stuck sticky notes to the tiles with instructions...move forward 2, go back to #7, do the chicken dance, sign elephant, freeze until your next turn, etc. At the end each person got to pop a balloon for their prize, which I'm bummed I didn't get a picture of.
We went with mini liquor bottles as a prize, and Aria helped pop the balloons and distribute the bottles...she gave them all to our pregnant friend. Apparently she just looked thirsty!

And, there was summer bingo.
I did a search for 'free summer bingo' and found this one. I printed them off in black and white, because my printer never has colour ink. And, Chris picked up a pack of stickers on one of our many store runs.
Aria was our tile picker.
But, she soon grew tired of such tediousness.
The bingo prizes - patriotic twizzlers and silly putty. Leave it to Aria to turn silly putty into a really messy activity - she pulls it apart until it turns into spider web thin wisps, which she gets all over.

I love having people over, and Aria was being extra friendly...after she warmed up to the idea of guests. It is hard to beat good friends and sweet treats!
Your turn! How is your summer bucket list coming along?
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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Odds and Ends

One of my favourite things about having a decent phone is having a decent-ish camera on it. Especially when I either forget my real camera or my real camera isn't close enough that I'd make it back in time to capture whatever cuteness is going down. I had such an old school caveman phone for so long that this feels like such a decadence to me. For the most part when I get a cute phone pic I post it to instagram (follow me for the cute!), but these slipped through somehow - minus the princess crown, but it was too cute not to add.

We went over for a swim at Aria's godfather's yesterday. We even brought Baxter to play with the other pups this time, so he peed all over the patio as a thank you. Aria and I practiced not inhaling the pool water, which was only minimally successful, and then she wanted to chomp some pretzels while watching the dogs fetch a toy out of the water.
I think she'd rather just feed the bunny treats the whole time and jump in the water for a quick second before climbing back out and running back to the bunny.
This is yoda, he doesn't like thunder and a storm was rolling around overhead. 'Let me back in, please!'

Aria thought it would be a hoot to chase Lizzy around with her popper toy and bash her with it before I could wrangle it from her. Then she grabbed a handful of lip to pull before giving her a big hug. Such a little snot sometimes. Most of the time though all she wants to do is drape herself on her back and gives her hugs and kisses. Poor Lizzy, always takes everything with such grace.

We hosted a Summer Drinks and Dessert party this weekend. Aria helped out at the party supplies store by getting into everything. Including a crown that she got dad to put on for her. This one is the instagram repeat, but it is totally one of my favourite pictures of her recently!

I finally got around to deep cleaning my bedroom. It is such a pain because of all the heavy large things in there, not to mention dog cages. Aria helped herself to the baby jail, and then couldn't figure out how to get back out.

Aria is funny with certain foods. She won't really touch bananas or tomatoes on her plate, but if you feed them to her out of the high chair then she loves them. This pic is from one of Chris' lunch breaks last week. I made her a bowl of tomatoes and feta, so she gobbled them up on his lap.
The other day I taught Aria how to howl like a wolf, so we were practicing over dinner! She can do elephant, cow, and owl, and now wolf. Oh, and sort of frog. She just keeps getting cuter and cuter.
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