Saturday, November 22, 2014

Historical-ness: Bachelorette Parties & Tough Mudders

warning: slightly inappropriate content ahead.

It's been a while since I added another post to my historical-ness series! And, if you want to catch up with the rest check out these past posts: 1: How We Met, 2: The First Three Years, 3: Baxter, 4: Lizzy, 5: Life in Colorado, 6: First Summer Back in Florida, 7: Our Last Months Before We Got Married, 8: Our Wedding Day - part one, 9: Our Wedding Day - part two, 10: Honeymoon Day #1, 11: Honeymoon Day #2, and 12: Honeymoon Day #3.

I meandered around my photo folders from 2011 to see what I should post next, and I took as many pictures the entire year (minus the wedding/honeymoon) as I take in a week now. Not kidding. 87% of them are of the dogs and cat. It's a good thing I started blogging because I would look back years from now and see 127 pictures a year of just Aria and have no idea what we actually did that year.

I did however find two things to share!

The first...
Historical-ness: Bachelorette Parties & Touch Mudders
Historical-ness: Bachelorette Parties & Touch Mudders
Chris got it into his head that he needed to challenge himself by completing the Tough Mudder. He started training with some friends soon after our wedding in April, and the event was in December.

I went for moral support, and to take some pictures.

All the events were set up in these big cow pastures or some sort of farm-y land. So, I thought I'd just follow the path backwards, meet up with the guys, and then cut across to all the fun events and take pictures. It worked until the meet up with the guys part. I got lost after that. My cut across to the fun events path was not accurate. I walked for miles, until I finally found somebody to help me. I was exhausted, I was filthy, and I missed all the dang fun events. I didn't even get to see Chris run through the live wires and cross the finish line.

Moral of the story...don't try to find a short cut when you have a terrible sense of direction.

The second...
Historical-ness: Bachelorette Parties & Touch Mudders
My friend got married that year. And, as per tradition she had one last night of freedom. The bachelorette party. We all chipped in for a hotel room in Orlando for a place to crash after a night of drinking, dancing, and bachelorette scavenger games.

Then I blacked out. And, woke up naked.

No worries it is neither a scary story or even a practical joke story. The last thing I remember was popcorn...I think it was popcorn, and the elevator back to our room. Then I wake up on the floor in the buff. I found my clothes in the bathroom. Apparently I had to pee and decided that I no longer needed to be dressed.

Thankfully I was the first person to wake up.

And, lucky for everybody else that I found my way back to the heap of pillows that was my bed instead of crawling into one of the other beds with a buddy.

Moral of the bowls are not for the faint of heart.


  1. Two so very different things! I would love to go for a tough mudder to be honest but I need myself a team. And I was legit scared for you for a sec with that whole bachelorette thing. Phew. Thank god it wasn't what I at first thought. Crazy girl nights happen right!? Gotta love them.

  2. That bachelorette party story cracked me up! Sometimes clothes can be so restrictive ;) I've never had a fishbowl before, but I'm pretty sure at this mom-stage of life I couldn't handle two sips of one.

  3. HHAHAHHAHA oh my gosh. I had a fish bowl of alcohol once. It didn't end well either. Though I did have my clothes on.
    I should post one of these for my bachelorette party or my 21st birthday... ahh... good times. Oh to be young again. It takes me days to get over my hangover now!

  4. Bahaha fish bowls are EVIL!!!! Seriously bad news.

  5. HAHA- that is hilarious! I've never had a fish bowl but have heard about them. Glad that the story wasn't a 'Hangover' style - that was the first thing I thought of :)

  6. OH MY GOD I so laughed out loud to the waking up naked!!! That happned to me in college (in my own room thankfully) and I was like WTF. I didn't have a roommate so it was all good but man the wake up was cold lol! But yes Fish bowls are totally evil! Tough Mudders are no joke people who do them deserve to be saints or certified crazy i'm not sure which. :)

  7. The fish bowls - bahahaha! I *think* I had a few college nights that resembled your bachelorette party. ;)
    Tough Mudder, yes! I really want to complete one (without getting lost, of course).

  8. Oh my goodness!!!!! Too funny. I would die if I woke up naked anywhere but at home. lol!


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