Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Day in the Life - Fall edition

Our Day: Monday, November 3, 2014 - Aria is 23 months old.

6:19 am | I hear Aria calling for me.
6:39 am | I finally muster up the energy to drag myself out of bed. She had me up around 1:30 that morning for half an hour or so getting her back to sleep. I go to her room and cuddle her up on my lap.
6:41 am | Chris's alarm goes off. Aria and I shuffle out of her room to give him good bye kisses, which we've never done before. Aria normally sleeps in until 8, but that was before day light savings ruined my life and mornings.
6:57 am | We make our way into the bedroom to feed the pups and cat. And, I grab my phone, water cup, laptop (so I can make notes for this DitL post and jot down times, I find it easiest on my computer), and ice pak (I sleep with an ice pak nightly, can't beat a cold pillow). Aria likes to bring the ice pak out for me and put it back in the freezer. Actually it is one of those boob ice paks for nursing that has the hole in the middle, best ice pak I've ever used.
7:05 am | The dogs finished eating so Aria and I took them outside. One at a time this morning because Baxter went out toward the back of the yard and rolled in something yesterday. Lizzy thought it was pretty mean, they do enjoy frolicking around chasing each other - but she should have told her brother not to be a jerk and roll.
7:17 am | We went back inside after I remembered we hadn't changed her diaper yet. Early mornings aren't my friend. And, grabbed a milk and water.
7:21 am | Back outside with an extra two coats and a pair of socks for Aria since it was cold. I even put on a pair of socks and grabbed my winter coat. Aria really like the fact that her coat had pockets.
7:30 am | And, back inside after we were frozen enough. I put QVC on for some background noise hoping they'd have a Christmas show on, and I didn't make a note but I think it ended up being clothes. Not as festive.

7:32 am | There was a massive pile of laundry that was the result of ignoring it for a few days. Aria helped me sort it into a dad pile, mom pile, and baby pile. It is Aria's job to grab the baby pile and toss it into her hamper.
7:40 am | My alarm went off for my usual wake up, which was usually early enough to let me slowly wake up in bed scrolling through instagram before getting the babe around 8. So much hatred for DST.

8:06 am | Done sorting, folding and putting away. The laundry trifecta.

8:13 am | Got the kiddo dressed in her 'Boo' shirt because it is too cute not to wear still.

8:15 am | Started washing more loads of laundry, while Aria flipped through the toy catalogs we've been getting in the post with Great-Grandma.
8:20 am | Juice! The night before I gave Aria some water in her blue puppy sippy cup, which is the cup I usually give her juice in. I used it because her regular camelbak sippies were dirty. She was pissed when she realized it was water instead of juice, so I told her she could have juice today. And, I made a mental note not to screw up her sippy routine ever again!
8:26 am | Decided on leftover pumpkin waffles for breakfast.
8:44 am | Aria finished her waffle, then ran into the door and needed 'ice, ice, ice'.
8:47 am | My Monday productivity was in full swing so I dusted, windexed, and then vacuumed. Aria helped, and also took a break to pull out all her toys from the shelf. p.s. Aria's dusting method was beating the table with her cloth.
9:07 am  | Aria stole a piece of Great-Grandma's bagel to munch.
9:28 am | Aria talked Great-Grandma into playing in her room. She's got all the fun nick-nacks in there.
9:45 am | Took a break to switch the laundry and febreeze the fabrics.

9:47 am | Back to vacuuming. It always needs it desperately after the weekend.

9:52 am | Another vacuuming break to scoop cat poo, and get him fresh water.

10:06 am | Phew. Done vacuuming the whole house. Flopped on the couch since Aria was still hanging with Great-Grandma.
10:11 am |  Break over. Aria comes back out, she has a sixth sense for when mom is sitting. She made a beeline for the front door because I left the baby-gate open during the cleaning. Then she wanted a cuddle, which I'm always happy to give.
10:30 am | I decided on omelets and home fries for lunch so I put on Sophia for Miss Aria while I started peeling, chopping, and prepping.
11:07 am | Still lunch making, but Doc McStuffins is on now after a break for 17 rounds of Snoopy dancing. Snoopy does a little dance and plays a little song when you press his foot.
11:16 am | I realize I'm starving and sneak a mini Baby Ruth.

11:35 am | Dad home! Dad home! He takes Aria in for a diaper change and hand wash while I plate up lunch.
11:39 am | Lunch time. Yum. Omelets and home fries are one of my faves.
11:58 am | Chris goes back to work after lots of hugs and kisses. He doesn't even mind when she is dirty with food bits either.

12:00 pm | Pioneer Woman is on. I turn on food network while we finish up the last of our lunch.

12:04 pm | Blondie's Heart of Glass was the theme song for cleaning up the kitchen today, because it's just not fun if you aren't singing.

12:08 pm | Done cleaning, time to watch Pioneer Woman. Aria likes when they show lots of the dogs, horses, and cattle. During the commercials we read books.

12:30 pm | Aria's favourite part of watching Pioneer Woman is when she gets to go turn it off. Buttons, they are pretty thrilling and all. We clean up any toy messes around the house at this time, today Aria had to put back the pile of books she put on the floor. Then she picked out a couple books to bring to her room to read before nap time.
We read Snowmen All Year and Pout Pout Fish. Then sang 'dem bones' at least 6 times - it is her favourite. I changed her into a nap time onesie before tucking her into her crib.
12:53 pm | I left her room and went to join in on the nap fun today. I hate daylight savings. Then I realized the pups needed to go out, so I let them out and checked my emails.

12:59 pm | Ok, now I can go take a nap. Pretty sure I passed out before my head even hit the pillow.

3:00 pm | My nap alarm went off, phew - yesterday Aria's nap was an hour and over at 2:22. So I'm pretty excited that my alarm went off before Aria woke up.

3:08 pm | Checked FB on my phone, too many things about spiders. Then dragged myself out of bed.

3:15 pm | I let those pups back out, refilled my water, then sat out on the porch in the shade. The cat sneaked out too.
3:21 pm | Hark. I hear Aria. First I spent a minute talking the cat back inside.

3:22 pm | Went in to get Aria.
3:26 pm | Freshly diapered, and switched Baxter with Lizzy.
3:29 pm | Post nap milk.
3:33 pm | Aria didn't want to go outside, so we watched a youtube Disney video until Chris got home.
3:41 pm | Dad is home! He took the trash out to the bins and a few old boxes so Aria played in the foyer with the umbrellas and danced around on the porch and locked him out of the house twice.
3:55 pm | Graham cracker snack time.
3:58 pm | Dad read a book 'daddy's princess' or something like that made me way too teary to finish or want to read again. They need an emotional wallop warning on the front cover of some of these kid books.
4:02 pm | Chris and Aria hit the store for charcoal, salad dressing, and gum - those can't live without items.
4:02 pm | Mom stayed at home to watch QVC and read a few blog posts.

4:12 pm | Remembered I had to switch laundry.

4:16 pm | Rewarded my good laundry behavior with another mini Bath Ruth and an iced coffee. Then back to the blog reading.

4:25 pm | My two faves got back home, and dad and Aria started prepping the grill. Aria had a few more grahams and ran around outside.
4:38 pm | Aria spotted my Baby Ruth wrapper and demanded a treat - that wrapper was such a traitor. So I gave her a fun sized mnm pack. She called each one orange.
4:48 pm | Chris prepped some chicken for the grill by dancing around the kitchen shaking it and the seasoning in a container excessively. Aria thought it was a hoot.
4:56 pm | I had been reading blogs and singing songs for Aria, but decided to finally be productive again and empty the dishwasher.

4:59 pm | But, then Aria brought me over a big stack of her books, so I just had to put off the dishwasher. Tough choice.
5:11 pm | Read all the books she brought over.

5:12 pm | She played with Baxter by throwing his toy for him a couple times. My favourite is when she throws it behind her instead of forward.
5:16 pm | We all went outside to play while dad manned the grill. There was also some biking, and a few rounds of 'dem bones'. As it got darker we spotted the moon too.
5:40 pm | Then Aria scrapped her ankle on the bike and it was sad. We got her cleaned up and plopped a bandaid on that sucker. She kept saying mean the whole time, and then snuggled on my shoulder after the ordeal.
6:04 pm | Still snuggling with me while I one hand get my wrap ingredients together.

6:14 pm | Dinner time! Chris had some grilled chicken and a burger, I made myself a chicken Caesar wrap, and Aria grazed on everything.
6:58 pm | Dinner over, so dad drew faces on Aria's bandaid.
7:09 pm | Chris and I cleaned up, cleaned up while Aria brings Great-Grandma a few books to read and also to tell her about how her boo boo is mean.
Then we headed to Aria's room for bed time. I read Harry Potter while Aria and Chris quietly played on the floor, usually flipping through books or doing the animal puzzle she has or tucking all her babies into a pillow case. Next Aria gets her jams on and a fresh diaper (not a fan of that one), followed by Christmas carols and a few rounds of 'dem bones'. She asks for that one by name, so it is a must every day. Lights out, turtle night light on, sleep sheep on, hugs and kisses.
7:55 pm | We leave Aria's room and I wave Chris back off to work.
7:56 pm | Aria starts to cry. I try to ignore it, and decide to shower to see if she will settle down herself. I haven't a clue what is up, she went from being a great sleeper who had no problems falling asleep on her own to absolutely refusing to go to sleep without me rocking her.

8:20 pm | Shower is over, and she is still crying.

8:24 pm | I go in and rock Aria, calm her down.

8:35 pm | I lay her down and sneak back out.

8:36 pm | And, she is crying again. I need a drink of water so I grab a cup and switch the dogs before going back in.

8:40 pm | Back in, and she threw up. Again. She did the same thing yesterday when she worked herself up. So, I cleaned her up and her bed up and the floor, we brushed teeth and rinsed her mouth, changed the bedding, and finally got a new set of jams on. We snuggled up on her chair and I rocked her until she was calmly snoring.

9:34 pm | I finally got her into her crib successfully and tip toed on out. Did a happy dance and crawled into bed with an egg nog to watch Gilmore Girls while editing photos.

11:00 pm (or so) | Aria was up in the middle of the night for the past two nights and up earlier than normal, thanks to stupid DST, so soon after Chris got home from work I passed out. Thankfully she slept all the way through the night this time.

The end!

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  1. DST truly is the toughest. Who wouldn't love an hour of extra sleep!? I mean. That's how I always looked at it as a kid. Ugh. Last night was the first normal night since it switched so hopefully we are there. Does your grandmother live with you? How special for Aria to have that!

  2. Man I always find these posts interesting but they have to be SO much work to put together. Maybe someday I will attempt one.

    I couldn't help but laugh when you said DST ruined your life. Sorry friend that really stinks.

  3. So cute! I have been meaning to put together a post like this! I actually had one all planned but then couldn't go through with posting day

  4. We watch a ton of Food Network. It's the best!

  5. I love reading about your days! I keep meaning to do one of these... So sad about her scrape, and about bedtime :( Reese was never a great sleeper - not terrible, but not great, and we often rock her to sleep every night. DST is definitely rough- before kids it was great! Now, not so much. I love that you read HP to her- that's awesome :)

  6. What a day. DST - I really hate it, and we have to make the switch back in less than 6 months. Stupid if you ask me. We've had some rough nights with Wesley lately, too. Sure makes the days hard. Awesome that you can sneak in a nap though!

  7. I hate DST too! I hope she gets back on track soon. It takes Callie about a week these days (as a baby it didn't phase her). Man that's a lot of cooking and book reading in one day! You're like a rock star with all that! I love these posts but I just didn't have it in me to do one this fall. I can barely keep up with simple posts or blog reading and DITL take me forever. Anyway I kinda love that she called her bandaid mean - sorry she got her but it being mean is too cute :)

  8. DST - THE WORST! Two weeks before stupid DST were FINALLY "sleeping in" until 6:30. Then the time change. And, now, we're up no later than 5:50. Our days seem SO LOOOOOOONG.

    I'm so envious of what a good eater Aria seems to be! It's as if anything you whip up she'll eat. Luckyyyyyy.

  9. Girlfriend, your days are crazy!! You should feel proud, mama!!

  10. So sorry Aria's giving you a hard time with the DST change. Hope she gets back on track soon! And, I've said this before but I love how your hubby is able to come home for lunch and early in the evening to spend time with you. Not super ideal that he has to leave for work again, but awesome you get some quality family time in during the best hours of the day!

  11. I love that she cheers's with everything! Drinks, waffles, graham crackers. So cute!
    PS Does Chris ever sleep?? He's always at work! Poor guy.

  12. Don't you just love it when your alarm goes off on nap time to wake up before the baby wakes up?! I need one of those kind of naps SOON. Tomorrow? haha. (Oh wait, can't coz my friends is coming over for a craft session.) I love reading these kinds of posts of yours. I often wonder how other mom's days are. Thanks for the glimpse on your everyday life. By the way, I love Aria's top "Daddy is under my spell."

  13. 6:41? What a funny time to set the alarm!
    Girl, daylight savings has been a B for us. What makes it even worse is that I just happened to decide that last weekend was the perfect time to start weaning from the bink (NOT!) worst mistake ever. Ugh!

  14. I always love these posts! How fun that your husband gets to come home and have lunch with you guys! Also, I can complete sympathize with your sleep situation since I have always had a terrible sleeper!

  15. I love that your husband comes home for lunch- what a middle of the day treat!

  16. Down with DST! The worst!

    I'm admiring your water glass...might have to get myself one like that!

    Thanks for joining in again this round!

  17. So wait, does your hubs work from 7a-midnight?! And I love your narration. "too many spiders". Umm... exactly. :)

  18. DST has ruined my life too. Not because of Ez, but because our neighbors have roosters, and now they're crowing well before 5 am. I thought they were supposed to wait for the sun?? Apparently they have a stupid internal clock or whatever that didn't get the DST memo... (Me? Bitter?? Never!) And sorry to hear about the sleeping situation. Sounds like it's one of those fun toddler phases that will hopefully pass soon.


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