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25 Christmas Books Perfect for a Children's Christmas Book Advent Calendar

25 Christmas Books Perfect for a Toddler's Christmas Book Advent Calendar
I'd seen the Christmas book countdown idea ages ago, back in those pre-Aria days when I'd just figured out that pinterest wasn't some sort of game (who knew?), and thought it was a downright wonderful idea.

Fast forward a few years and now we are coming up on Aria's 3rd Christmas. No book advent to date, but I think we might just be able to pull it off this year.

Last year we had so few Christmas books at all and I didn't have a lot of luck with the library that I gave it up as a lost cause, and the year before Aria was days old not to mention a month early...not at all prepared, didn't even cross my mind.

This year though, I've got my fingers crossed. Aria received a whole bunch of Christmas books last year (yay!), and I'd like to pick up at least a few more this holiday, plus I'm much better at navigating the children's section at the library now.

So, I think this year will be the year. The year of the Christmas Book Advent Calendar!

I'm pretty jazzed about it. Here are 25 suggestions if you are looking for a few to fill your book advent calendar holes. Some we own, some we've borrowed, and some are on our must-get list. All come highly recommended.

1. Dream Snow
2. Charlie and the Christmas Kitty
3. The Jolly Christmas Postman
4. A Christmas Carol: A BabyLit Colors Primer
5. Room for a Little One: A Christmas Tale
6. Snowmen at Christmas
7. The Polar Express
8. Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree
9. A Wish to Be a Christmas Tree
10. The Twelve Days of Christmas
11. Red Nose Go!
12. The Night Before Christmas: The Classic Edition
13. An Otis Christmas
14. Little Blue Truck's Christmas
15. The Spirit of Christmas
16. Olive, the Other Reindeer
17. My Wonderful Christmas Tree
18. The Christmas Wish
19. Snowmen All Year
20. Bear Stays Up for Christmas
21. Clifford's Christmas Presents
22. Stick Man
23. Reindeer Christmas
24. A Creature Was Stirring
25. Merry Christmas, Mouse!

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And, while we are on the subject of books...don't forget that the mail-by date is this Friday, November 21st for the Secret Santa: Mommy & Me Book Exchange!


  1. This is a great list!! I know the first few Christmases I was lacking in the book department but now we have finally caught up. You can never have too many books!!

  2. Yes! I think this the year I want to attempt this with Tory and Aden, too. I've stocked up with holiday books in Dollar Spot sections at various stores and we've collected a good sum of our own over the last few years. I just placed Tory's first Scholastic book order for some new Christmas titles, too. (Eek! Is it weird how excited I was about doing Scholastic with her? Oh, the memories ... ). Anyway, good idea to hit up the library for reservations now!! And thanks for sharing your list of holiday books.

  3. We did this last year and it was such a hit so we are definitely doing this again this year! So fun!

  4. Oh yay!! I've been wanting to get a couple Christmas books for Mia this season so this list is perfect for me!!
    p.s. Check out Ashley's blog, Words About Waverly, because YOU won her garland giveaway (just in case you didn't know) YAY!

  5. Ooh can't wait to check out the one's I haven't heard of! This looks like an awesome list!

  6. I like the book idea! I've been thinking of different ways to do the Advent calendar thing this year. We definitely need to up our Christmas books this year; I think we only have 2! Excited for the book exchange :)

  7. Great list of books! I am looking to grow our Christmas book collection this year, too. Thanks for sharing, friend.

  8. We did the 25 days of Christmas books last year and it was so fun! I think mostly for me because Mason was only 1 so I'm hoping he will get into it this year. I need to get a couple more new ones and more age appropriate ones but we have some oldies but goodies to throw in too. Man, I think I need to get on my Christmas game! LOVE these suggestions!

  9. I'll have to look into some of these books. Always looking for new books to read. Man how did I miss that book sign up?! Darn.

  10. i want to hop on this train SO BADLY. seriously. it looks so amazing and fun. and now i have a good solid list. so it needs to happen obvi. thanks for doing all the work :)

  11. Yay!!! We do this to, every year I try to add a few new books to the mix. Do you wrap yours up? Someone gave me the tip to use tissue paper to wrap them, I thought that was a genius idea.

  12. I did the 25 books thing last year and while it was fun, I don't need another single book brought into this house. I mean... we have books in every nook! It's insane. But on a positive note, you have listed some pretty great reads.

  13. Thanks for the recs! I've been toying with the idea of a 25 Christmas books in 25 days idea, but dang it! To be honest, books are expensive and 25 brand new children's books would be crazy insane. What all does your plan entail? Maybe I can work something out.

  14. This looks awesome! Thank you for sharing the list :) I might have to do this with my girls, too!

  15. Great idea! Elin loves her Christmas books!

  16. I love any and all advent calendar ideas! We don't have nearly enough Christmas books yet, but maybe by ez's 3rd Christmas this would work.

  17. Dream snow, a wish to be a tree and Clifford are all ones I think look awesome! gonna check out a few others too! Great list as always - you are so well researched! Oh and the polar express is one of my all time fav books ever. Did u know the author is from MI? I grew up with that book long b4 it was a movie but the movie is a great adaptation of the book. but it's long Callie won't sit still for it yet. by aria seems better at sitting still than Callie for books:)


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