Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Secret Santa: Mommy & Me Book Exchange Announcement

It just wouldn't be the holidays if I didn't have 37 plans in the works. And, one of those plans is a fun gift exchange. A book exchange to be precise, and not just for the littles but for mom too. One of Aria's favourite pastimes is reading every single book in the house. Twice. We are always adding to her library, and it still never seems like enough. And, it isn't just her either. I love a good book too, especially when it gets cooler outside. Like mother, like daughter.

So, I am excited to introduce a Mommy & Me Book Exchange that I am co-hosting with Elizabeth at Chasin' Mason and Jenny at The Chronicles of We.

A Secret Santa where both mom and little gets a gift!

Sounds fun, right?! If you're interested, please "RSVP" (so to speak) to the Secret Santa email listed : 

Please note : participation in the book exchange is only guaranteed if you email the specific email. Please feel free to comment below if you are interested (and to share your excitement about the exchange!) but please please please also make sure that you email in. The latest date to RSVP is next Wednesday, November 5th. When you email, please make sure to RSVP and say you would like to participate as well as include your full name, mailing address, blog URL, and a wish list of 10+ books for both you and your child (so two lists).

If you need some book inspiration, please feel free to check out my goodreads account for tons of rated books. Or, this post for some of my favourite books and series. I also have a few of Aria's favourite books sprinkled throughout her 'monthly faves' posts - but in general she loves the babylit books, anything by Nancy Tillman, and Clifford books. We'd love for you to include both older and newer titles on your lists so that there is a wide range of prices, there isn't a max with this exchange since books can vary so much. And, your book wish lists do not have to be holiday related.

Partners will be chosen around November 7th and emailed out to the proper people, along with all the information you'll need.

November 21st would be the last day to mail the books to your Secret Santa.  There will also be a link up with us on December 9th to share the new books that you received.

We know the holidays get crazy after Halloween so we wanted to give you all as much time to shop and ship before the post office and/or UPS and FedEx get crazy.

We hope you will participate with us and join in on the Secret Santa fun! And, if you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to ask.
Sweet Turtle Soup


  1. Sounds fun! I hope Hallie will like to read too! She sits and listens to the story and her eyes get big if the pages are colorful, so those are good signs! I LOVE to read!

  2. 37 plans in the works?! Oh boy that sounds exciting. I am trying to restrain my plan making until after Friday.... Trying ;).

  3. Sounds so fun! Will email by tomorrow. :)

  4. Sounds fun. Would love to do it but I live in Canada.

  5. I can imagine all the holiday things you have planned :) I need to get my butt in gear! Excited to join the exchange!

  6. You and your holiday planning - I love it (mostly)! I'm super excited about the book exhcange! And Christmas! Yup I said it I'm ready for Christmas!

  7. Ah so much fun! I love holiday things & I'm totally with you with having a million holiday fun things in the works already & it's not even November! This sounds pretty fun & now shall need to make a list of books! :)

  8. What a thoughtful exchange; we're big "book-ies" here too! Ill be emailing you as soon as I think up our book lists! Thanks for hosting :)


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