Wednesday, October 8, 2014

21st and 22nd Month Favourites

Sweet Turtle Soup: 21st and 22nd Month Favourites, Toddler Gear
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1. Camelbak Kid's Water Bottle with extra valves - Anybody vaguely remember that rant I had about sippy cups a while back? I'd link but I'm feeling extra lazy. Anyway I finally found a sippy that works-ish. The key is to get the extra valves because after a bit of harsh toddler use the little slit doesn't stay closed so well and will leak. An extra step and an extra penny, but it has saved my sanity.

2. Prince Lionheart Potty Seat - We still aren't doing a whole lot in the potty area, but Aria will still pop on the pot at least once a day. We have a little floor potty too, but you know what you have to do with those? Wash them and dump them every use. Bogus. Gosh this seat is so much easier. If Aria decides she'd rather learn on the little floor one then so be it, but for now this works great.

3. Clifford's First Halloween book - All day, every day.

4. Babyganics Sunscreen Spray - It works, and it is easy to use. Since we are going to Disney pretty often we definitely need a go-to sunscreen on hand.

5. Roboraptor - My gosh this could not have been a bigger hit.  Aria wasn't so sure about it at first, but she has played with this thing nonstop for months now. There was a picture just yesterday of her dragging her baby dino around on a walk outside. She tries to give it drinks, and sits on him, and gives hugs and pets, and brings him into her room so he can take a nap with her (on the floor), etc. So just in case you need a completely random Christmas present, roboraptor is your guy!

6. Any and all purses or bags - We have three hanging out in the living room currently, plus a tote. What toddler doesn't love stuffing things inside other things and then carrying them around?

7. MAM Training Toothbrush - Basically I just love how long this toothbrush is. It is suppose to let both you and your child do the brushing, but Aria doesn't have any of that. I just find that it is much easier to use than those dinky kid tooth brushes with fun cartoons on them.

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  1. I need to get some new valves for our camel pak bottles! I had almost given up on them bc they started leaking. Nalgene are our new favorites! That Dino makes me smile every time I see her with it!

  2. You have inspired me to pick a Clifford book out for Hallie at the Library today! They were a fave of mine as a kid!

  3. Extra valves?! That is perhaps the best idea EVER! We are at the tail end of sippy cups here. I really need to get a straw one. a few months of that and we'll be done!

    Yay Clifford. Did you know that Emily's name is Emily Elizabeth?! :)

  4. That is hilarious that Aria loves the robot-dinosaur-thing, haha! Seems like we agree on the camelbak bottle :) I've been looking at potty seats recently and will have to check this one out. I'd rather not buy a little potty for that same reason- cleaning it. Ick!

  5. Sometimes there is just nothing like one of mommy's purses for a toy!

  6. that potty seat is the jam. bonus points that it doesnt allow little girls to pee out of the seat (yes, girls have that issue. probably because they're busy trying to see themselves pee?) anyways, its saved a whole lot of messy bathroom clean up round here.

  7. I will have to remember that potty seat for the future! I think the idea of those floor potty's is so gross.. the seat, like you much easier!! and Savanna has one of those puppies that barks and moves..she loved it for the longest time now all of the sudden it freaks her out? Kids are weird. Also..I need to find the Clifford book! YES TO BAGS!

  8. I will have to look into the Camelbak water bottle. Every sippy cup we own, Wyatt throws and it immediately starts leaking. Yea, IDK why he insists on throwing them either. It's funny you mention the potty seat. We changed out our toilet seats to the "slow close" ones to avoid smashed fingers. And when we brought it home and installed it we realized we'd picked the one that also comes with a smaller child seat. Ha, I guess we'll be ready when that day comes!

  9. We love Camelbak cups for Connor. And Thermos. Both work perfect for us and I don't have to worry about them leaking.

  10. I really need to invest in the Camelbaks. Our sip cups are less than stellar, and I've just been putting up with them because I refuse to spend another penny on yet another less than impressive cup. These look legit.
    Those little floor potties? Nope. Nope. Nope. The idea of having to clean one of those things out after every use? Gross. The little add-on seat things are genius.
    The Clifford book - pretty sure we need it in our collection.

  11. I always love these and get the best ideas for Mia from you, ha ha!
    I neeeeeeeed to get that seat for Mia because I can't for the life of me get excited about cleaning out those little potties. Disgusting! No thank you!

  12. I need to get some of those Camel Bak cups. Mason chews through his sippy cup straws and spouts like they're going out of style. I can't tell you how many we have replaced and/or thrown away. Chew proof - yes please! (Sounds like a dog toy lol)


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