Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sweet Sunday

September 7th - 13th
All of our simply sweet moments from the past week. Plus, that time I ran a 5k.

This kid needs a chest full of dress up clothes stat! She stole this dress off my bed and then wore it for two days. She loves wearing the strawberry apron all the time, and I have to shoo her away from the dirty laundry hamper or she'll drag things out of that to put on as well.

Day two of the red dress. She found this spare mouse and has been taking it on many walks around the house ever since. She also named it beans.

A little fall colours finger painting!

Aria can't get enough of bananas lately. She stole mine repeatedly so now she gets her own banana so I can eat mine.

This was my attempt at working on fine motor skills. Baxter thought it was awesome.

If you follow me on IG you will have seen that I had a huge box hanging out in the living room. I thought Aria would like to play with it, but mostly she just wanted to drink her milk in it and look through her purse. Baby cave.

 I keep going outside each morning hoping that the weather will be a little cooler, and every morning I am disappointed. The dogs and Aria don't seem to care though. At least there is still shade over the porch and yard that early.

Somebody decided to pencil draw on the floor, so she got to clean it up. I think she enjoyed cleaning it up more than making the mess.

Trying to break into the dish cabinet.

Aria loves to have her feet propped up, just like mom.

Before. (Aria is totally nailing this picture.)
 After. (How do you like my race bib solution when my printer had no ink?)

Time. The miles went something like this - 22min, 19min, and 16min.  I was too busy trying not to die to take note of the seconds, or figure out if the fancy watch could tell me such things.

I signed up for Jenny and Desiree's virtual 5k with the total intent of training. Then I decided to be lazy instead. Now I'm paying for it because I angered my left buttock. Weird, right?
Post dinner mostly naked babe with all of her bags. I'm always so entertained watching her walk around with her arm(s) up in the air so the purse(s) doesn't fall off. And, I'm not sure what Baxter is doing.

Have a sweet Sunday!
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  1. She is such a little ham. What a cool little girl.

  2. She is just so precious! Beans the mouse! I love it!

  3. You always have the cutest pictures! I am horrible at remembering to take pics! I especially love the one of Aria with the purses and the box ones!

  4. So cute - I love seeing all of Aria's little antics - toddlers are the best!!

  5. Left buttock, OUCH. Sit on a tennis ball, I know it sounds weird. But a tennis ball can give a mean butt massage, HA!

    Love the bib solution and all of the pics of Aria!

  6. I die every time I see toddlers walking around with purses and bags, their arms straight up in the air. HA! Marcus does it too with our grocery bags and I laugh each and every time.
    Your bib solution is genius! Sorry about the bum… Pump yourself with fluids and maybe a nice soak in the tub. Way to get out there and run it!

  7. Looks like a delightful week! Life is so beautiful when witnessed through the eyes of a toddler.

  8. Love the box pictures and the purses too....she looks like she had a fun week and kept you busy!

  9. I love the picture of her in the dresses! Sounds like you know a good gift for her birthday :) Don't take her to the Disney store... she will see all the dresses and be in heaven and you will be... broke! lol
    LOVE that picture of her with the banana! She looks like she is loving it!

  10. Great pictures! I love your race bib solution :) Toddlers are such funny creatures sometimes- you have to wonder what goes through their head when they do certain things. The mouse walking cracked me up :)

  11. She's so so beautiful!! And so active!! Love her pet mouse ;) and you go girl on that 5k!!!

  12. a mouse named beans.. lol
    love her and her purses!

    1. I was cracking up over her pet "mouse" too - such a great imagination! And yeah, that girl's got some fancy purses - lucky!

  13. Her hair is getting so long!! And I love that she plays dress-up, so sweet! Wyatt has an infatuation with "mice" too. My parents have an old computer that they don't use and he always plays with the mouse.

  14. Aiden does that with bags and his arms too and I think it's adorable haha. Looks like a super sweet/cute/fun week. And congratulations on the 5k! Quite ambitious!

  15. Greyson totally sits at our table with his feet up on the table the same way! And isn't it cute how toddlers are just drawn to cardboard boxes?! We had a huge one from when we moved here that I cut a door & window in to make a "house" and he was in heaven!


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