Thursday, August 14, 2014

My Survival Kit Must Haves

Sweet Turtle Soup: My Survival Kit Must Haves
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If I had to put together a survival kit of all the little things that kept me afloat during the day to day it would be these things...

#1. My phone is always nearby so I can check my email, browse instagram, or pull up my recipe for dinner. And, Aria loves to sit next to mama and watch our home videos that I've uploaded to vimeo. It is entertaining, it is convenient, and it can calm a tantrum before it even picks up steam.

#2. I cannot be without lip balm. I have a handful scattered throughout the house and my purses so I always have one when there is a lip quenching emergency. I actually turn into my evil sister if I forget lip balm when we leave the house, worst day ever. Must have!

#3. I can use my phone as a back up spur of the moment camera, but I much prefer my real camera over it. Total mamarazzi right here. The moment you don't have a camera within reach is the moment the cuteness starts.

#4. Sometimes I get dressed, sometimes I stay in pjs, but if it was always up to me (and socially acceptable) I would be wearing some stretchy soft comfy leggings all the time.

#5. At the end of the day, oh yes. The perfect way to kick off bedtime, or nap time if it has been one of those days.

#6. I need a cup, a cup with a straw. I guzzle down the water all day and my iced coffee (with lots and lots of ice and vanilla creamer) at nap time. You may remember that I recently shattered my old cup, and my water intake plummeted. Now that I have my new pretty pretty cup my water intake is right back up to where it should be, and my iced coffee tastes even better!

What would be in your survival kit? Does anybody else have a lip balm problem like me?

This post was inspired by Man Crates, which are totally cute gifts for the fellas...I mean manly gifts. Rugged and scruffy too. Chris would be all over the 'carnivore crates'.


  1. At first I thought you were maybe preparing for a zombie apocalypse. But this works. Children can be like flesh eating zombies from time to time. My list would look similar. Chapstick. Leggings. Wine. And yes of course my phone because I have an addiction.

  2. Lip gloss. YES! I have actually stopped and bought chap stick when on the other side of town because I can't stand to be without it. And I may or may not have ;) used butter on my lips in a desperate attempt for some moisture one day. I wish that was a joke.

  3. Phone, water, camera. check, check, check! Those are definitely my essentials. Is that a picture of your actual camera? So cute and retro! Not to mention, easy size to throw in your bag on the go!

  4. Great mama survival list! Iced coffee is definitely on my list as well, but I guzzle mine first thing in the morning, and then switch to iced tea. I don't use lip balm nearly as much as I should, but if I leave the house without my sunglasses I feel like a vampire - like the sun is literally destroying me. So I've got cheap backups in my car, in Joe's truck, in my purse, and an extra spare pair for Ezzy to play with, since he recently broke my favorite pair :( Funny story: "Ezzy's" pair is a really old, ugly pair with rhinestones that I must have liked at some point in my life but would never wear now. A few weeks ago we were out running errands, and I look at Joe and realize he's got my rhinestone sunglasses on. He grabbed the first black pair he Definitely have photographic evidence of that incident stored away!

    PS - Still want to try that hard cider! We've been having plenty of "those days" round here lately...

  5. Haha great list!!! I think mine is identical! Chapstick, yoga pants, phone and coffee...and wine :)

  6. Yes! That iced coffee is my jam! And I LOVE a good cider!

  7. Love your picks :) Iced coffee sounds reeeeeally good right now, but unfortunately, we have sucky coffee at work. I should've included booze on my list! Doh!

  8. Your Must Have kit looks pretty much like mine, right down to the cup with a straw, real camera, and stretchy pants. But the lip balm… I've probably purchased 3,789,210 tubes of lip balms, but manage to lose them all in record time. Where do they go?!!!

  9. I'm with ya on the lip balm! It's addictive! And also the iced coffee! More creamer and a little coffee:)

  10. Oh my gosh... I just typed a huge long comment and I think it got deleted.. did it come through??

  11. This is awesome! Love this list. :) I especially am partial to my iPhone, the camera, my comfy pants that can serve as PJs or real-people pants, and Woodchuck! I haven't had that in forever. I'm not much of lip balm person, but iced coffee is where it's at.

  12. I've been eyeing that cup on Amazon!! You've got good taste!

  13. Alright let's try this again... hopefully I don't delete it again before I hit post! Ugh. I don't even know what buttons I hit but the whole thing deletes!
    1. I totally have my phone next to me all the time too. I swear Mason knows how to use it better than me though. He picked it up earlier, swiped, and hit the wheels on the bus app and went to town. And I just sat there in awe.
    2. I am totally needing lip balm right now. I LOVE eos and have one in my purse and all over the house lol.
    3. I need to get a camera! I seriously use my phone ALL. THE. TIME to take pictures because my camera is so old and slow that I hit the picture button and Mason is not even there once the photo takes. Ugh. What kind of camera do you have??
    4. I would TOTALLY wear comfy pants all the time if I didn't have work. Do you think my boss would mind? Because I'd much rather where yoga pants to work!
    5. I tried some hard cider the other day and loved it! Never tried this kind though so I think I might try it.
    6. I LOVE this coffee. LOVE. In fact I drank some this morning... and every other morning this week!

  14. Ok other than iced coffee our list totally looks the same! Chap stick, comfy pants, camera, beer/cider you're speaking my love language! PS look who's coming back from the blogger grave and commenting and maybe even writing a post this week?! haha!


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