Friday, August 29, 2014

[Guest Post] Getting to Know Shelly from Windy City Baby

Hello, hello, hello! It's Friday! It's a long weekend, and we're going to Disney World! I'm probably driving Aria nuts by mentioning it all week, since I'm sure she doesn't understand 'We're going to Disney in 4 days!!'. She just knows that Disney is awesome, and why aren't we there right now. You know who else loves Disney? Shelly from Windy City Baby, who is today's Q&A star! It's funny, I just realized while I was putting this post together that the majority of my blog buddies share a love for Disney with me. Disney just brings people together!

Shelly and I got to know each other when we talked Disney prior to her Florida trip this summer. She asked me for some toddler friendly non-park activities and tips. I started to respond to her email thinking I didn't really have many, and then ended up typing paragraph after paragraph. Next thing we know I talked her right into visiting Magic Kingdom, and best of all her (completely adorable) daughter Josephine ended up having a blast. Apart from her fondness for Disney, she is a full time English teacher, lives in Chicago, enjoys holidays, baking, and yoga. All good things! You definitely need to go check her blog out, but of course first take a peek at her answers below.

Thanks so much for answering my questions today, Shelly!

Make sure to stop by her blog today, and tell her Courtney sent you!


  1. Have so much fun at Disney!! And I can't wait for Christmas with kiddos someday - that will definitely be my favorite holiday too :) :)

  2. Loved getting to know Shelley more!! And I am flatters to be mentioned! If only we got to actually see our blog friends in real life!

  3. Loved getting to know Shelley! She seems like such a fun mom! I'm going to pop over to her blog to say hi :)


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