Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sweet Sunday

June 8th - 21st
All of our sweet and simple moments from the last two weeks.
Making dad watch home videos!

Milk drinking and dog watching.

She is always excited to corner the cat, Loki not so thrilled.

 Lizzy is clearly unimpressed.

I'm free!

Trying to climb up for a super close viewing of Frozen.

We played a board game! It has been a while. And, it was brought to you by the watching of Frozen shown above. Although, Aria would run over and try to steal pieces when the fancy struck her.

I actually had to go wake her up from a nap one day. Doesn't happen very often. Sleep stalking this cutie is a favourite of mine!

A bag of popcorn and Frozen - I don't know what people did before Frozen!

 Learning how to walk Lizzy, but I think Lizzy walked Aria instead.

Hello, buddy.

I was digging the lighting...although I can never capture it just right.

Aria can't get enough of keys. She will hang out and try to unlock things for whole minutes!
Have a sweet Sunday!
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  1. Such adorable pictures. She sure is a cutie
    Hope Sunday to you all too :)

  2. Lol seriously?! What did people do before Frozen!!? The picture of Lizzy is priceless. Love the picture of Aria trapping the cat. So sassy!

  3. Loving the photo of Aria petting Loki... My parents have several picture of me at that age "loving" on my kitties... And I am still a crazy cat lady to this day! Ha

  4. Adorbs! All of this post just screams it. I love taking pictures of Sofia when she's sleeping too. I also love how she and Aria have those cute yet thick feet that all toddlers seem to have.

  5. We have yet to watch Frozen... *gasp*
    Aria's little skinny jeans are about the cutest things ever (next to Aria, obviously).
    ..."try to unlock things for whole minutes." BAHAHAHAHA!!

  6. What a cute little sweetheart. She is precious. I hope you guys had a great weekend!

  7. So many sweet moments. And Aria is getting so big!

  8. I love all the green and those chubby legs!


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