Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Currently: June

Thinking about: my summer bucket list and how I want to go about crossing things off of it. So much fun, where to start!
Summer Bucket List
Working on: a fun link up with Jenny, details coming soon!

Planning: believe it or not, but planning stuff for October. It is the start to my favourite time of the year and my favourite month. I do a countdown to Halloween with Aria, and I like to plan ahead! Just gathering ideas at the moment, nothing too serious.

Reading: I just finished Longbourn by Jo Baker, and I didn't love it. I wasn't a fan of the way the novel portrayed the Bennet sisters, and it kind of dragged on and on. Glad to be done with it. I just started The Other Woman by Jane Green. I'm barely into it but I hope it is better.
Longbourn - Jo Baker
Listening to: Fancy by whoever, and I'm puzzled as to why people like it.

Eating: all the french fries. I've been on a french fry kick lately.

Watching: Frozen way too often, but it is nice to be able to make dinner or lunch without an annoyed one and a half year old hanging on my leg though.

Wanting: some new sun dresses.
eyelet stripe dress - jcrew
Feeling: like I could use a whole day of sleep.

Loving: my crazy neon toe nails. It's amusing how often they catch my eye. I don't usually go so nutty on my toes, I usually stick to pinks and reds.

Thankful for: my sweet little girl, who just learned how to give cheek smooches. It's my most favourite.
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  1. Girl, please..don't make my mind work too much mmmk? But I have to admit for some odd reason I was thinking about some fun fall activities the other day also! I love that you do a halloween countdown. SO FUN! Might need to do something similar along those lines, maybe we could put a link up together;) I know you guys love it down there because it cools off for a bit;) but up here it means another loooong winter is coming.

    As for the Summer Bucket List, I didn't realize it but we accomplished one of the things on list last weekend already (dinner outside!) yay! Can I cross that off now? ;) My Summer doesn't officially begin until Nick gets out of school and that will be on Friday! SO EXCITED!!!

  2. What a fun link-up. I hate when you are in the middle of a book but aren't really into it. I always have a problem deciding if I should see it to the end of give up. I'm totally with you about the sundresses. I want a million of them!

  3. THAT SUN DRESS!! i loooooove it. and i'm 98% sure i read the other woman by jane green (who's one of my favs) but i can honestly tell you i don't remember if its good or not!

  4. Love the idea of a summer bucket list!! I need to do that!! And that sun dresssss..... LOVEEE!!

  5. I totally am right there with you on the book dilemma. I have a REALLY hard time giving up on a book....I hold out hope until the last chapter that it will get better, and then usually end up wishing I would've just put it down and picked up another book. Here's to hoping your new choice is tons better!

  6. Cheek smoothes, neon nails and french fries..I'm coming over to your house!! And I could use an all-day nap too. SO TIRED.

  7. Fall is my favorite so I'm always thinking of it. And making a summer list the natural progression then is to fall. I can't help it. Neon nails are the best. I love your summer to do list. Finger paints! Great addition!

  8. Just did a Summer bucket list too and I'm looking forward to seeing fireworks as well. Also, ditto on the sundresses. I've had a shopping itch lately. Oh, and the french fries. And the sleep. Basically yes to this whole post ;)

    The Joni Journey

  9. Planning for October?! Girl I'm barely planning for next week! I need you to come help me plan, stat! Though planning for Halloween does sound more fun... maybe I'll just skip ahead lol.
    Excited to see what you and Jenny have up your sleeves!

  10. I LOVE that sundress!!!
    I love french fries too. Homemade ones sound delicious right now!
    Great summer bucket list. I made a printable as well for my blog-Choose Happy!
    My toes are currently neon too! I love changing it up for summer!

    I am stopping by from the link up! I am Becky with Choose Happy!

  11. Super excited about the link up with Jenny!! :)
    Just go ahead and send those french fries my way.
    The sun dresses - yes! Summer isn't summer without a few new cute ones (and the one you have pictured certainly is cute)!
    Cheek kisses. Yes. I die over those!

  12. A day of sleep? Sign me up always! I could watch frozen every day - it's so cute! I'm also excited for fall - but mostly because I really really really hope we're in our own house by then! Oh i'm excited for your fall link up again too! :) Yay for summer projects!

  13. I have my bucket list drafted, just haven’t posted it yet. October/Fall is my most favorite time of the year as well. There’s so much to do in the Fall.

  14. I've been planning our October too! Connor's birthday is the day after Halloween so those two days are busy!!


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