Tuesday, June 3, 2014

17th and 18th Month Favourites

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1 & 2. Nancy Tillman's books and BabyLit books - Aria has been loving books lately. These are some of our and her favourites. The Nancy Tillman books have the prettiest illustrations that Aria loves to look at and then point things out, plus the stories are fantastic. Jane Austin is my favourite, and one of my friend's gifted Aria the BabyLit Pride and Prejudice. I think they are the sweetest books, but Aria loves them too. She thinks the dog between the 'two rich gentlemen' is hilarious for some reason.

3. Beaba Utensils - I mentioned yesterday in Aria's month-update that she got new utensils and is loving them. I originally had my eye on a different set but they were never in stock, so I finally broke down and ordered the Beaba ones that were also highly recommended all over the mommy-blog-world. And, they are fantastic so far. Aria loves to use them, asks at every meal if I don't put one down on her tray immediately, and she seems to be able to use them a lot better than her temporary take n toss ones.

4. Finger Crayons - I'm so thrilled that Aria has started to enjoy colouring. These are the crayons she started with, and they are perfect for her little hands to grip. She also likes to stack them, and she has dropped many of them and not a one has broken yet. I remember reading a comment before buying that they were fragile, but so far that is not the case. She hasn't figured out that she needs to press down a little to really get the colour deposited on the paper so most of her masterpieces are light, but I'm not sure if that is just the standard for crayons in general.

5. Rocking Moose - Aria got this for Christmas but only had minimal interest in it until now. I think because she couldn't get on it herself she didn't care about it. I would set her on it occasionally before and we'd rock for a whole half a minute or so, but now she can swing her leg over the back and rock herself. She spends a part of her bedtime story going nuts on the moose nightly. She's also learned how to stand on it, which is oh so exciting. Even if Aria never showed any interest in this I would still love it because it is adorable, I've got future plans for dragging it out every Christmas and stacking a few presents on the seat. I think he is perfect! Plus, compared to the other little rockers we were looking at you cannot beat the price.

6. Crazy Sprinkler - Summer and playing in the water go hand in hand. Chris brought this home after work one day for a treat, and Aria hated it. ha. But, she has gotten use to it now and tries to attach the hose to it all the time. I set it up on her water table (where the tower goes) and it squirts all over but also fills up the table - two birds and one stone style.

7. Jellycat Bunny - She was left in Aria's Easter basket and has been an absolute hit ever since. And, Aria has at least a dozen other stuffed creatures that she wants nothing to do with. I definitely picked this one for her basket with trepidation. I just thought it was the cutest bunny and now Aria sleeps with her every night and carries her around the house most days. Win.

8. American Plastic Water Table - I have a constantly changing amazon list for Aria that I add to every time I see something on another blog that got a great review or looks particular kickass. This water table was on the list for months waiting until the weather got warm enough to actually use it. Aria has a blast playing with all the water things, but I'd say this is her favourite. She's also learned how to climb up in it for a sit too.

9. Blow Up Pool - I'm not sure which brand ours is precisely, and I never got up enough motivation to search it for a label. But, Crystal from Next to Heaven just reviewed a blow up pool from backyard ocean that looked strikingly similar, so that's the link I'm going with. I am a fan of the size because mama can hop in with Aria, making it all around more fun!

10. Boon Frog Bath Toy Scoop - Guys, this is a sanity saver. My shower was being taken over by bath toys, they were shoved onto every available nook. I told Chris we had to get some sort of bath toy hanger, and he said he spotted one at our second hand store the last time we were there. So, back we went and snagged this sucker up! I love it. First, I think it is cute that we have a huge frog on our wall now. Second, I can scoop up all the toys after her bath or shower, pop the belly back on the base, and bam an adult friendly shower once again!

11. Stroller fan - Living in Florida this is a must. Living in Florida and having annual passes to Disney this is a super must. I'm pretty sure I saw it on a California mama's blog months and months ago...and it made it's way onto my amazon list. The blades are soft so Aria can't chop off any fingers, and it actually produces a surprising amount of wind. The only downside is that this baby eats up the batteries.

*A few honorable mentions from past 'gear favourites' posts:
1. Pewi Ybike - This got so many different uses during different stages. She had a blast being pushed on it when she was crawling, she pushed it all over the place when she needed a hand with walking, when her legs were long enough to touch the floor she loved making it go herself, and now she can get on and off it herself and whiz it all over the place. Another one of those toys that got a lot of use out of it, so it deserved a second mention.

2. Skip Hop Zoo plate and bowl set - I got Aria a cute plate from Target for Easter, and now I know how much better the Skip Hop Zoo dishes are. Most of the design on the Target plate has worn off, and it is no where near as sturdy. I ended up ordering another set so Aria has one to use while the other is dirty. Worth it!
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  1. I too have a rotating Amazon list with everything I want to buy! :) I'll be adding those utensils and probably that frog pod too - both our tub and shower have been taken over with boats, toy cars, and baby soap. BTW, I like your new profile picture :)

  2. Great items - I think I need to get those BabyLit books for my niece (on the way)!! Our guy loves those finger crayons. Also, we have that water table, I like that it was simple but functional. If there's water in it, they can make it fun no matter what!! Looks like you'll be staying cool this summer!! :)

  3. I'm so excited for coloring too! Aiden has a lot of trouble being confined to the paper so he still needs constant supervision. Water toys are also a huge hit- how great it must be to have a back yard!

  4. Pretty much anything involving cooling off is such a huge hit right? Can't imagine being all down south in that heat! Poor girl!

  5. I've been eyeing those crayons for a while now. Are they easy for Aria to use? Mason is left handed and doesn't quite seem to understand how to hold a pen so I'm trying to find something easy for him to use. Those look so fun!

  6. I've been thinking about those "classic" books for awhile.. might take the plunge here soon! Or just watch for them on baby steals/zulilly again :)

  7. We (*I*) love the book "Where Ever You Are"! I read it to Marcus almost every night. No summer is complete without a water table or pool - well played. And, that rocking horse would certainly be a welcomed addition in our home. Great picks, momma!


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