Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sweet Sunday

May 4th - 17th
All of our simply sweet moments from the past two weeks!

Dada and Aria snuck away for a little reading while mama made dinner. Clifford on repeat.

We made a quick trip to the mall and Aria did some window shopping. She made a quick trot into Victoria's Secret too, a girl after her mama's heart.

Water fun with dada at the end of the day.

 Chris came home from work a little early one day so we could go on a spontaneous beach trip. We splashed around, and dug a big hole by the water's edge, and watched sand fleas. An excellent way to spend a random weekday.

We ordered Aria a pair of shoes one size smaller than the ones the Easter bunny brought her. We wanted her to have a pair of sandals for our Disney trip. It was love at first sight! She opened them up and immediately wanted me to put them on her.

Aria helped me make some Disney packing lists before our trip. Complete with a kitty masterpiece.

I was decorating the stroller with some leftover Christmas ribbon (so we could recognize it more quickly in the stroller chaos at Disney) and I couldn't resist giving Aria a headband! I die from the cute, I wish she would actually leave something like this on.

Just being too cute for words, the norm.

Aria loves stealing Chris' smoking pieces of wood to give them to the dogs like a sneaky little lumber fairy.

Cooling off with sprinkler play and a popsicle. 

I'm pretty sure this is Chris' favourite part of the day. Something about lunch time and having food all over her makes daddy hugs seem really appealing to Aria! She can't get enough.

We took a car ride down the road for cake and chatting with some family visiting from Ohio. It was at our cousins' home, and we wandered around the backyard because it is full of plants, birds, and pretty things. Aria enjoyed herself, and got out of her car too - I swear!

Have a sweet Sunday!

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  1. OMG Courtney, Your daughter is soooo cute! Looks like she is having lot's of fun!

  2. Oh my goodness! I found myself saying "awww" the whole way through the post. An especially big "aww" for the polka dot swimsuit - too cute!

  3. that is so sweet!!!

  4. What a fun random beach day!! And adorable swimsuit! ;)

  5. So jealous of the beach! Lover Aria's swimsuit too!

  6. What a happy little babe! Aiden would in a car like that, too, if he could

  7. Seriously?! I don't even know where to start! Those shoes are adorable and so cute she asked you to put them on ASAP. Also, her sweet little smile! I'm dying. One bat of those eyes to Mason and we will be planning their wedding before you know it lol.

  8. OK these are all so sweet but I really love the ones of her at the beach! She just looks so focused on the beach and I LOVE her bathing suit!

  9. I love the Daddy hugs and the beach photos - so adorable! What kind of sandals did you order for her? I'm looking for shoes too and not sure what to buy.

  10. I know I say this just about every comment I leave, but, seriously, Aria is soooo cute!!! So fun that you enjoyed a spontaneous beach trip! Loving the ribbon headband look - SO ADORABLE!!! Thanks for sharing all the cuteness and fun you guys have been having!! xo

  11. Her little swimsuit…I melt! SO precious. Love those colors paired together. And of course, it’s just darling on your beautiful girl. Great pictures as always!


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