Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sweet Sunday

April 27th - May 3rd
All of our simply sweet moments from the past week. We've been kind of boring this week - lots of rain, lots of book reading, and apparently lots of eating.

A little floor time with da, reading all the board books in the house.

Da picked up a special fruit leather at the store just for his favourite little lady. The first bite was a bit apprehensive and then she inhaled it.

Aria's first popsicle. I picked up a box because of her teething. She kept getting mad because it was so cold but wouldn't hold the stick no matter how many times I showed her. Live and learn!

A fruity start to the day.
Have a sweet Sunday!
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  1. Aiden loves those fruit leather too! They are our goto for car rides reliably keep everyone happy.

  2. Apparently I'm out of the loop on the fruit leather. ;) I'll have to check'em out.

  3. Blocks and books!!! That's daddy and lily's evening routine!! Is that a Doc McStuffins book in the 2nd picture? ;)

  4. Maybe you should let her try fudge pops? I bet she wouldn't mind yummy cold chocolate! Her hair is starting to get so long - can't wait to see it up soon!

  5. When I saw the fruit leather Aria was eating on I was like "Sofia would have scarfed that down and asked for seconds." Hehe...she loves her fruity stuff. As for popsicles...Sofi loves them too, but we got the ones that were surrounded in plastic. It took her a long time to learn how to push the popsicle part up into her mouth. Good times!

  6. Good idea on the fruit leather! Yum! And Popsicles are awesome for teething (for us this week, especially)...they have some bases with handles if you're into making your own!


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