Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

In honor of Mother's Day, I picked out all my favourite pictures of Aria and me over the past 17 months. It has been such a blast being her mama, and I cannot believe how quickly she sprouted into this little adorable, silly, fearless sweetheart I get to call my daughter. She gives the best hugs and has the cutest laugh and is too funny when she stares at people full of curiosity and every time she holds my hand I just melt. Motherhood is just one of those things that is so much better than you could ever imagine, and definitely challenges you in ways that you never expected.

From the moment she became mine and I became hers all the way until the present it has been such a blessing being her mom.

December 2012

January 2013

February 2013

March 2013
April 2013

May 2013

June 2013

July 2013

August 2013

September 2013

October 2013

November 2013

December 2013

January 2014

February 2014

March 2014

April 2014

May 2014

To all the fabulous mother's out there to equally fabulous kiddos, Happy Mother's Day! I hope you spend it doing something extra special.

Aria and I (and, Chris too) have plans to spend the morning with Mickey and his friends at Chef Mickey's for a Mother's Day Brunch. Fingers crossed Aria enjoys some close encounters with the big mouse himself.

p.s. Check out my Mother's Day post from last year!
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  1. Enjoyed all of these pictures SO much, I can see in them how much you enjoy being a Momma and I love it! Happy Mothers Day sweet girl!

  2. You have some good photos there!!! Happy Mother's Day to you!!!!!

  3. These are so fun to look back on! It's easy to forget how quickly they change. Hope you have a great mothers day!

  4. This is the sweetest. And I love your husband's Halloween costume. The best. Happy Mother's Day!!

  5. What a beautiful post!!! I adore all of these precious pics!! Happy Mother's Day, Courtney!! I hope you enjoyed a magical morning celebrating at Chef Mickey's! :)

  6. Happy Mother's Day! I loved all your pictures (especially the Disney ones ;), but my favorite is the one from last August - it's so cute! Hope you're enjoying your vacation!

  7. Love love love. I can't believe how quickly she's grown! What a cutie! Great post!

  8. Happy Belated Mother's Day! What a sweet post, girl! She is absolutely beautiful!

  9. Chef Mickey makes mom's breakfast on Mother's Day?! How was I unaware! I think I need Mickey pancakes for breakfast next Mother's Day!
    Also, LOVING the recap of the pictures of you and Aria!!

  10. All of these adorable. The joy in your Mama heart shines through everyone of them!


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