Monday, May 12, 2014

[Guest Post] Getting to Know Brenda from Chatting Over Chocolate

While I've been away on my Disney trip for the past several days, I asked a few of my favourite blogger buds to help me out with guest posts. Because, who wants to write posts on vacation (or on the first day back from vacation...I got back yesterday and I'm excited to share all the fun soon)? Last week Jenny and Elizabeth shared some fun q&a tidbits with me, and today Brenda was kind enough to help a girl out. She is the lovely lady behind Chatting Over Chocolate. I stumbled upon her blog in need of a Disney fix and it was just the ticket. Naturally I thought she would be the perfect guest while I myself was away at Disney. So, in order to get to know her better I asked her some questions. Keep scrolling to see her answers!
Thanks again for helping today, Brenda!
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Thank you so much for having me, Courtney! It was a joy to share here at your lovely blog!
Make sure to stop by her blog today, and tell her Courtney sent you!
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  1. Thanks again for inviting me to share at your sweet blog today, Courtney!! I can hardly wait to hear all about your trip!! (:

  2. Love this so much! And love Brenda so much!!!! Hope you're having fun in Disney. And seriously...when I plan my next Disney trip...Brenda will be my go-to girl! :)

  3. I loved learning more about you, Brenda! I loathe bad customer service as well!!!

  4. Love this post!! I was 5 when I first went to Disney, too! I think it was the perfect age :)

  5. lovely :)

  6. Awww shucks - I got mentioned here! :) Loved this Q&A - fun! And can't wait to poke around Courtney's blog. :)

  7. Great post!! Heading on over to check out your blog Brenda! Love love that mother's day story!

  8. Thanks so much for these sweet comments, ladies! This Q&A was such fun!! (:

  9. That segway tour sounds SO FUN! I've always wanted to do that except I was always so scared that I would totally eat it while riding LOL

  10. Love learning more about you my friend :).

    I so would have said the glittery nail polish too! What a sweet mother's day gift :)

  11. Love this! I just love Brenda and enjoyed getting to know her better :) Hope you had fun at Disney!


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