Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sweet Sunday

February 9th - 15th
All of our simply sweet moments from the past week.

We played at the beach. And, if you didn't catch Aria's beach video from wednesday check it out here, it is a must watch!

Great Grandma gave Aria those free stickers you always get in the mail. She proceeded to peel them all off and hand them to whoever was in reach. Great Grandma stuck them all over the window panes.

Grandma stopped over on Valentine's morning to drop off balloons and cards. And, then turned on the male figure skating.

I made Chris some cherry surprise cupcakes, idea via Lisa at Lisa Loves John, to take to work. He came home with an empty tray so I guess they were enjoyed.

And, then for our Valentine's dinner Chris grilled some chicken and steak skewers. Mostly an uneventful Valentine's, but I had a downright rotten headache the day before so I was happy to just relax.

" want me to do what with these things?"
Colouring, we're not there just yet.

Yesterday we spent the evening at Godfather Kiel's.
"Sweet, you brought a new puppy home for me to play with!" - Obi

"It carries around it's own chew toy...that's cool" - Obi

"Alright, time to eat my new playmate" - Obi
No puppies or children were hurt in the making of this visit. Aria kept tripping and Obi thought it was the right time for a pounce, and he is only gently biting her head (promise). Aria didn't even bat an eye.

"I haz leaf for you"

Aria helped Kiel get the mail, and open it.

 Aria helped teach Kiel how to go up and down the steps too. She is really quite helpful, this kid.

 And, a little downtime in the hammock.

Have a sweet Sunday!
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  1. Those cupcakes look amazing, no wonder they were all enjoyed!! And that puppy, oh. my! I keep trying to convince Sean that Wyatt needs a puppy...for some reason he's not on board. Looks like a great week!

    1. I saved a cupcake for myself too, it was an excellent after baby bedtime snack!

      Haha, oh man a puppy and a baby would be killer. I don't think I could bring in the added work myself. Plus, I've got two dogs so I don't want to end up on a 'dog hoarder' show! But, Aria does love her animals...she cornered the cat before bath time tonight and gave him a completely unwanted hug. I love the new puppy smell too...k maybe I do want a puppy! I just have to remind myself that I don't want to clean up accidents. You need to convince a friend to get a puppy so Wyatt can visit all the time.

  2. Your cupcakes look so good!!!! I wish I could frost like that!!

    1. Thanks for the creative inspiration! I bet you can make a rose, it is the only frosting I can do - It is much easier than it initially looks, and takes no time at all.

  3. Those cupcakes are perfectly frosted! Sounds delicious too!

    1. The rose is the only frosting technique I can do - any other I've tried turns out like a 4 year old did it. ha.

  4. She is too adorable!! What a cute pup.


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