Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sweet Sunday

February 2nd - 8th
 All of our simply sweet moments from the past week.

We went over to Aria's godfather's home last Sunday for a little 14 month photo shoot in the tree house. Here are a few of my favourites.
Climbing up the stairs with dada.

Walking around looking for trouble. Everybody was strategically placed to cover gaps in the railing or stairs.

Showing off for the boys.

 Watching a little bit of the Super Bowl. She was ready to go with her 'touchdown' sign, sadly she never got to use it for the Broncos before bedtime. What a yawn-fest of a game.

Maybe she is trying to tell me to bake more?

Aria has been decidedly pissy this week. She has been fighting bedtime several nights so she is overtired and grumpy the following days. And, more recently she took a night poo and developed a nasty rash...I'd be pissy too. But, she is all smiles if we go out and wander around on the back porch. Unfortunately it has also been a rainy week, but when the rain dries we make use of the porch. Other than that mama has been getting in a lot of swaying time, which is lovely until it is time to make a meal. Tonight (last night when this publishes) she went down right away, so hopefully that banishes her overtired grumps and hopefully her rash is better tomorrow too.

Helping me make some applesauce!

 Aria and I washed off the porch chairs, and have been enjoying them ever since.

Have a sweet Sunday!
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  1. Uuuuugh the dreaded night poop and subsequent rash :( Been there, done that and it's not fun! But that treehouse and all the adorable!!!

    1. Totally miserable. Sucks having to wipe a tush when you know it is hurting them.

      I think Kiel's house will be her fave when she gets a little older - he has a tree house and a pool!

  2. 2nd to last photo, pale blue shirt, that is HER color! it's just perfect on her! Boo to rashes and grumpies from last of sleep! I hope she wakes up today in a better mood!

    1. haha, I agree! It is one of my fave onesies so it gets worn a lot. And, she likes to wear it because it has little bunnies on it...and she will point to them =)

      I don't know what it was but night after night she just stayed up way too late, I felt so bad for her because she was tired. Never fun to lay in bed awake and tired. Plus, total grump the next day so not fun for anybody. Thankfully she seems to have moved past it, she was her happy self today. The diaper rash is still lingering though, ick - but better.

  3. she is just so so cute. that blonde hair…kaye is so jealous. :)

    1. haha, from day one I've been convinced it will darken when she gets older - because my hair did the same. But, I'm hoping it will stay blonde now because it suits her so well and I just can't imagine her as a brunette. I also can't picture her with a head full of long hair either...or all of her teeth, so a lot of changes for me to see anyway.

  4. She is so CUTE! And those little mocs are too much.
    Hopefully that rash clears up soon - those are the worst.

    1. I'm glad we bit the bullet and got the moccs bc out of her 4 pairs of shoes those are the only ones that she will keep on. Definitely going to get the next size when needed too! Love em!

      Ugh, so terrible. She didn't have a rash at all for almost a year. And, then all of a sudden she had one wax and wane for a couple weeks. I did everything I could think of - I even had a talking to with her cloth diapers because you aren't suppose to get a rash with cloth diapers, it is part of the deal! I hope this one just goes away, night poos are just big mean meanies.

  5. Look at her in her Freshly Picked moccs, she's too cute!! We are obsessed with FP, best baby shoes!



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