Thursday, February 13, 2014

10 Favorite Things: Valentine's Eve edition

I saw a 10 Favourite Things post the other week, and liked the idea so I stored it away for Valentine's Eve! Plus, I wrangled Chris into doing it too. As an aside, I was trying to find a picture to go along with this post of Chris and me...turns out there aren't any recent ones. You'll just have to pretend this family Christmas picture somehow goes along with Valentine's day. I guess I'll put it on the to-do list.
So, here are Chris' 10 favourite things about me:
1. Her nose.
2. She is stubborn in the face of being completely wrong, and she knows it.
3. She plays games with me - board games and video games. Even if I have to play 'Courtney's special way' or she gets mad and won't play anymore.
4. She is the mother of my daughter.
5. She has the ability to care about people and wants to be nice to others for no other reason than just to be nice.
6. Her forgiveness is granted with no strings attached.
7. She is willing to try new things, like whitewater kayaking - until I try to kill her at least.
8. Her scrapbooking skills are like none other. She can put pictures, captions, and words all into a book of magical memories.
9. She is a decorator extraordinaire. For holidays, you think it and Courtney will try it.
10. She'll never stop loving me or Aria...or Disney.

And, here are my 10 favourite things about Chris:
1. He fixes all the things - computer, plumbing, etc. If he doesn't know how to fix it, he looks it up, and he keeps at it until whatever is broken fixes itself out of pure exhaustion.
2. He is a hard worker.
3. He loves Disney, if he hadn't it would have been a total deal breaker.
4. He puts up with my stubborn impulses, not an easy task.
5. He goes out of his way to get me little special whatnots, like when he brought me home a milky way when I was pregnant (although after I ate it it made me sick and I can't eat them ever again now). It's the thought that counts.
6. He gives me back rubs, which are pretty much my favourite thing.
7. He stops far enough away from train tracks so I don't freak out.
8. He is an awesome dada to Aria.
9. He is supportive of me and pretty much anything I want to do - including the blog.
10. He is a stud.

It was totally entertaining to read Chris' 10 things. I'd highly recommend trying it with your significant other for a fun Valentine's activity. Have a laugh, spread the love. Happy Valentine's Day Eve, friends!

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  1. so sweet! I'd never get my hubby to do this but I love it anyway! Well maybe if he'd had enough bourbon first... :)

    1. I actually didn't think Chris would when I asked him, but he didn't even need me to pout about it! And, he was only half way through his vodka. Time to break out the bourbon? =)

  2. i'm DYING over how sweet and fun this is. . . i seriously LOVE IT. i seriously loved reading every single one!! you two are way too cute!

    1. haha thank you! I'm glad Chris added in his 10, made it more fun for me to read =)

  3. This is so sweet!! What a great idea!

    1. Thanks, it is always sweet to see what your significant other comes up with - things you didn't think about, etc. Tell Sean it is his Vday assignment =)

  4. I was cracking up at his answers of you! Number is completely me as well!

    1. Me too =) I'm glad I asked him to join in on it.

      oooh is it a mystery comment? number ...duh duh duhhhh!

  5. Such a cute idea! I love Disney too and my boyfriend hates... so lucky you! hahaha xoxo

  6. You guys are too adorable! This is such a brilliant idea. I think I am going to try this out with Terry. (Let's see if we end up doing it or get distracted by the casino in Las Vegas haha) I love both of your answers. I am kind of impressed that he got 10 things on the list. Not that there's nothing awesome about you, but because guys don't typically verbalize things like these. Oh and of course, not liking Disney would be a deal breaker! that's just common sense!

  7. I love that you were able to get Chris to participate! Such a cute idea!


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