Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday

Linking up with the good life blog, Carolina Charm, A. Liz Adventures, and Hello! Happiness today to share with you five random updates.
I mentioned way back in August that I was part of a blogger fantasy football league. My first time doing anything of the sort. I ended up coming in second place, which was totally unexpected especially after yahoo gave me a D+ draft grade. Take that, jerks. I actually was doing pretty well, a solid 4th most of the time, but I ended up getting lucky during the playoffs and coming in second. So, that made this football season even more fun.
Back in November when I was doing The Thankful Project (which I completely forgot to finish, oops) I mentioned that Chris was working 80something hours per week at two jobs. But, I don't think I ever updated that he was made permanent at the second job like he was hoping. It happened sometime in November too. So, now he doesn't have to work as much with so few hours of sleep. He still works 66 hours though, but since they are conveniently altogether he gets enough sleep at night and can spend a few hours with Aria before bed. But, it is a good job with room to move and better pay, so we are thankful the company found him invaluable and made him a part of the team!
I did a little blog redesign back in September, which was a whole bunch of work. But, I never got around to finishing my 'meet the family' tab until a few days ago. I think it looks pretty neat, so don't forget to check it out!
I finally bit the bullet and ordered an Emily Ley simplified planner after hunting for a decent planner everywhere else I could think of. What is so hard about a planner with nice paper, tabs, and a cute design? I couldn't find anything I liked, so the simplified planner is my Christmas present to myself. After all, I was a very good girl this year.
In my Looking Forward to a New Year post I mentioned that I wanted to plan out dinners better and paint my nails more often, along with three other goals that I haven't progressed on yet. But, I am happy to report I've been pretty decent with getting dinner on the table and my nails are currently good as gold by Essie. Clearly I've made enough progress to call it a job well done for the whole year! Maybe not, but I'm pretty sure I'm doing much better than any other year so far.
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  1. Yay for the one job!! I'd been thinking about that this week with John back to traveling. The family tab looks great I was looking at it the other day! That planner looks super cute. I keep seeing posts about it and I think I'm the only blogger that doesn't use paper :) Happy Friday my friend!

    1. Yes, I actually saw it on the good life blog's 5 last week! Then I saw the price and was like no no no. But, then had no luck finding anything. You are just lucky you aren't a paper fan =) Although an iphone is pretty pricy, but it does all the things!

  2. I really like this post. I feel like I have so much to say! Ok, so I am just gonna number them!

    ≡1≡ That's awesome you got second place on the fantasy football league! I thought of playing it myself but never got around it. I guess there's always next season! Did you guys play with money or just for funsies? I see, there's a prize for the league. Did you win it, or is the first place the only one to take the prize?

    ≡2≡ I really like your "meet the family" page. You did a great job! It's super neat. I still need to do mine, hopefully this year hahaha!

    ≡3≡ The Simplified Planner is pretty nice, but I don't know about spending $56.00! I think I am just gonna make one for myself this year. For someone who owned a blog named the OPULENT owl, I'm cheap lol

    ≡4≡ I am grabbing one of your buttons and putting it on my sidebar. I thought I'd let you know!

    Keep posting! I enjoy reading your blog :)

    1. Thanks, you are too sweet!

      There was no money. There were several leagues to join, some did a little money, but I figured I would be terrible at it so I went for the just for fun league. No pressure, so that was nice. I didn't win anything, just the first place.

      I saw a similar 'meet the family' page and just looooved it. Had to recreate it! I love doing the design, but sure takes some effort.

      Ugh I know it is so pricy, but the other ones I found that were just as nice - even more. Like 70s. Making one sounds much more economical... I didnt even think of that, but I'm pretty sure it would take me forever to do. Maybe if I start now I can make one for 2016 =)

    2. 2016?? hahaha You're silly! I am actually not making one from scratch. I am putting a planner together mostly from other free printable planners. You'll see next week! I'll publish a post once I receive the binder that I ordered :)

      P.S. I didn't know you replied to my comment. I just figured I'd check, and voila! Have you considered Disqus?

  3. Popping in from the linkup!

    My husband works anywhere between 50-100 hours a week, depending on the season. I feel your pain. It sucks.

    I'm loving that planner...its super cute! I bought mine this year from and i love it.

    1. ohmygoodness, are there even 100 hours in the week?! I hope there are more 50 than 100 hour weeks, wowzer. That is hard all around too - on you, him, Harper.
      I'm super excited for it to February, ugh. Maybe if I didn't procrastinate so long in buying it...see why I need a planner =) I checked the erin condren ones too - purty! I love being organized in such a pretty way.
      Thanks for popping over!


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