Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas Eve - Two Weeks Later

I woke up on Christmas Eve Eve with something miserably unpleasant and deathlike. So, Christmas Eve involved a lot of feeling like crap and hours of curling up in bed or the couch. But, there were things to do and people to see and gifts to exchange and foods to cook. I managed to half-ass a couple things. Aria's grandma and uncle came over for presents in the morning - I stayed horizontal on the couch. I sent Chris to deliver our presents to Aria's godparents, while I cuddled with an ice pak in bed. And, we postponed our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of chicken alfredo, steak skewers, and roasted veggies until Christmas day.

I took a few pictures from my vantage point of the couch of our little Christmas exchange with grandma and uncle Jared. When I was looking through them days later I noticed at least half were blurry - I guess my photography skills were also affected, too ill to press a button effectively.
 Aria is a complete unwrapping pro after her birthday, so she was ready to tear into all the presents for Christmas.

She got the kitty keyboard from B toys.

 Dada thought it was pretty awesome.

And, because I love hearing what people got for Christmas...Chris got Settlers of Catan. I got Essie nail polish, eos lip balm, Maybelline color tattoo in tenacious teal (which is the prettiest thing ever), and Little Women and The Hunger Games on DVD. Aria got a couple cute jumpsuits and her kitty keyboard.

Merry Christmas Eve, guys! What? You are already getting ready for Valentine's Day? Tough luck, more Christmas tomorrow!
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  1. That kitty keyboard is adorable! I've seen several kiddos that got keyboards for xmas and it never occurred to me to look at those! Good thing Callie's b-day is in May right in the middle before next Christmas! :)

    1. The kitty keyboard is totally entertaining - I love that thing. If she isn't playing with it I normally steal it and play with it myself. It is win win when mom can play with the toy too! May is a good time for a birthday, spread out. Aria's bday is far enough from Christmas that they are two separate events, but ohmygosh she got so much stuff between the two. I don't know where to put half of it! Clearly people like her, haha =) We still have two more Christmas exchanges to do too. oy.

  2. I'm so sorry you were sick for Christmas Eve! You guys seem to have so much fun with each holiday, I'm sure it was tough postponing traditions...but so glad to hear you're better! And blurry or not, you got adorable shots anyways :)

    1. I know right, it was lame getting sick. I was already doing a little dance that I made it past the holidays without getting sick. Obviously I cursed myself. I've been sick every year for .. 4 or 5 years on either Thanksgiving, Christmas, or that time I was sick from Thanksgiving until Christmas. I'm apparently really great at getting the illnesses that linger. Ugh. Technically last year I was pregnant and not sick, but I'd lump it in there anyway because I was miserably achy and had zero energy. I am doing better now, but not completely gone either - my nose and a cough are still hanging in there. I'm just super glad Aria didn't pick it up, or Chris because he is a big baby when he is sick.

  3. What a bummer about being sick! Our entire family caught the flu bug right after the holidays. ZERO fun!
    However, sounds like Aria had a great Christmas!


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