Friday, January 31, 2014

Five on Friday

Linking up with the good life blog, Carolina Charm, A. Liz Adventures, and Hello! Happiness today to share with you five things I'm craving (no, I'm not pregnant).
 Queso dip and chocolate cake with lots of frosting. But, not at the same time. I'm thinking the Super Bowl is a really good excuse to satisfy both cravings though. Queso to start and then cake when the Broncos win!
I'd love "The Book of Life" to come out now and not in July. I'm not really a patient person.

 My simplified planner to arrive - I'm ordering my 2015 planner way ahead of time.

 I need a serious pedi, and my hair could use a trim done by somebody other than me.

 This big pretty purse. Wouldn't that make a darn good V-day present?

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's the Little Things :: 1

I'm excited to join in on a link-up hosted by Ashley at Words About Waverly, a total fave of mine, and Jess at Sadie Sky Boutique today. It's all about the little things, the simple moments, the sweet memories of being a parent. One of the little phrases I remind myself of daily is 'don't wish away the present', and this link-up fits right in with that. Be present in the moments and appreciate the now. It is definitely something I strive to do everyday.

What I'd like to do, hopefully on a semi-regular/regular basis, is to post a short video of Aria that I've captured showing her sweet self enjoying the little things. Something sweet she is doing or something easily forgotten that I want to document. All ol' little thing. And, since Aria is doing something sweet, silly, and remember-worthy all day long it should be an easy task - in fact, I've already got three clips to edit.

This video I'm posting I've been trying to capture for days. You know how it goes, little one is doing something adorable and stops the moment you break out the camera. I finally got a decent video of her rocking out. Aria has a snoopy that plays music and dances, and when it gets turned on she goes to town bopping along. We have a blast doing it all day long. Check out her sweet moves. And, don't forget to check out Ashley's blog for more details about the link-up!

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Little Ones

I had too much fun putting together this gift idea board. And, I remembered to include both little men and little women, baby through kid.

#6 is pretty sweet, and great for car rides too. I think it might be my personal fave of the bunch, along with #8 which I already got for Aria. #2 and #5 are perfect for the tiny ones. #3 might be the priciest of the bunch, but if you are planning on purchasing little moccs for little feet anyway it makes sense to save them for a special occasion just to make it a little more fun.
[ 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 ]
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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sweet Sunday

January 19th - 25th
Our simple moments this week.

A couple pictures from our trip to the zoo at the start of the week. She hung out in her stroller the whole time and munched on chocolate o's.

She is such a silly. She pretended to stick the dog leash in her mouth, and when I'd say no she'd pull it away and giggle for all she was worth. 

Hanging out on the back porch while dada grilled. She tried to convince dada to let her touch the fire, but ended up helping him with the sticks instead.

More things to stick in my mouth so I can giggle when mommy says no...
On a walking note - we are totally trucking along now. A few days after her little stroll at Silvana's she up and started really trying to get the walking thing down pat. She would stand up, walk a few steps, fall, get back up and repeat. Now she can just breeze across the living room and through the kitchen and across the porch. It is super cute watching her wobble around like a tiny drunk.

Catching up on a little light reading in the afternoon.

 She thought maybe she could wiggle underneath the baby gate if she went feet first. Too bad about that padded tush getting in the way.

Have a sweet Sunday!
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Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Day in the Life - Winter edition

I just stumbled onto this 'Day in the Life' quarterly link up, with Navigating the Mothership, and think it is a killer idea to record a typical day 4 times a year. I just looked back at the previous (here and here) typical day posts I did and everything is so different, plus Aria looks so baby-like and chunky in those pictures - total mom sniffles. It was a fun to see what we were up to back in May and July, and see how much has changed. And, now that Aria is so much bigger (not to mention walking) it is definitely a whole new day. I'm totally down to remember what we are doing these days.

Our day - January 22nd, 2014.

7:40 am | My alarm goes off, but I've already been awake for a few minutes. I drag myself out of bed to check on my cloth diapers and put them on whatever cycle they are in need of. I feed the dogs and the cat. Then I crawl back into bed and turn on my laptop to check my email. This leads me to peruse a blog, What You Make It, after they left me a comment.

8:07 am | I realize I've lost track of the time and go get Aria, who is quietly chewing on her blanket. We nurse and get a diaper. Her little legs dangle off the end of the boppy when she nurses now, she is so big.
8:33 am | Aria dives right in to making messes and being cute while I let the dogs outside, brush my teeth, attempt to tame my hair, and get dressed.
8:46 am | I start to get breakfast together. Today we are having pancakes and a strawberry smoothie.

9:09 am | I just had a 10 minute fight with the blender to blend a particularly stubborn chunk of frozen strawberries.

9:25 am | Breakfast is served.
9:28 am | The lawn mower person comes and Baxter has fun huffing and puffing at him through the french doors, which also entertains Aria.

9:33 am | I continue the saga that is laundry. This time emptying the dryer so I can toss the cloth diapers in for their turn. Always multitasking.

9:44 am | Everybody has stuffed their respective faces, and one of us is frantically signing all done.
10:02 am | Both Aria and the kitchen are clean again.

10:11 am | Aria is dressed for the day. I clean up all the messes she made while making breakfast, so she can make more. Plus, I toss in another load of clothes to wash. So much laundry. Aria is very helpful, making sure that the dirty clothes are really dirty before washing.
10:22 am | I started to fold the dry laundry, but Aria ever so sweetly demands a car ride.
10:42 am | Traded the pink car for the pink bike, and then rolled around on the floor in blankets. I prepped for Chris' lunch, performed various other household-y activities like filling the Brita jug, and finished folding the laundry, never as easy as it sounds.
11:06 am | Time for a nap. She goes down so easily for a nap now. After she gets a disposable,  I hold her while darkening her nursery and offering her some water. She gets a kiss, I tell her it is nap time, and sit her in her crib and hand her her blanket. I turn on her sound sheep, give her another kiss, and tell her to have a nice sleep as I leave. That is it. She flip flops to a comfortable spot and goes to sleep without a peep.
11:07 am | I put the newly folded laundry away and then start making Chris' lunch. Today he is having shrimp and broccoli. I tidy up any messes Aria made too.
11:32 am | Chris comes home to have his lunch and we chat about our various mornings. Aria was a little extra whiny today, and Chris went into work at 4 but apparently is getting shit done.

11:45 am | Chris heads off to work again. I pour my daily iced coffee to savour during nap time.
11:47 am | I call up Disney to book our room reservations for a friend's wedding in May. It will be magical. We are doing a combo trip to Disney not only for the wedding but also for our anniversary and to make Aria's first trip to Disney extra special. 106 days to go, 105 when this posts.

12:10 pm | The cloth diapers are ready to come out of the dryer and the new load is tossed in to dry. And, now I've gotten everything that needs to happen in the morning out of the way so I can enjoy the rest of my iced coffee, put my feet up, and read. I'm re-reading City of Bones. While I liked the movie (apart from Jamie Campbell Bower who is not my idea of Jace), it is really super loose with the story, so it made me want to read the right story again.

1:47 pm | I hear Aria wake up from her nap. I go in to pick her up and she is doing her downward facing dog yoga move in the middle of the crib. I'm kicking myself that I forgot to bring the camera in so I could have captured the random cuteness. I ran and grabbed it but of course by then the moment had passed.
2:10 pm | Lunch is served. We are working on whittling down leftovers today. A chunk of pancake, a pear, a piece of ham, veggies, a hunk of cheese, and the rest of this morning's smoothie. I went with pizza and cheesy oven fries.
2:43 pm | All done. Aria is wiped clean and I set her loose while I clean up our lunch mess. Baxter volunteers his help.
2:56 pm | Aria is still satisfied with ripping apart last year's calendar so I check out what magicbands are. And, then proceed to customize ours, which is code for pick colours.
3:38 pm | Aria is done playing by herself so I get on the floor and we play with her toys together.
4:13 pm | Snack time. This is a newer addition to our routine. She dropped her afternoon nursing session and I added in a late afternoon snack. Today she has a couple crackers.

4:36 pm | I clean up all the crackers crumbs and then take her for a car ride in the backyard.
5:12 pm | We head back inside where it is warm, and take the playing to the nursery.
5:35 pm | Chris gets home.
5:50 pm | I send him right back out with Aria for milk, so I can start dinner, which is really more leftover gathering. But, I did mix up some Annie's mac and cheese.

7:00 pm | On the dot. Dinner is finished. I give Aria a cursory swipe before handing her to Chris for bath time. I do the dishes and do some pre-bed chores, such as turning on the monitor and collecting the cloth diapers for their nightly wash.
7:20 pm | Out of the tub and getting into pajamas. A little waltzing with daddy.
7:23 pm | All ready for a little nursing before lights out. I turn on her starry turtle nightlight and she signs all done when she is finished. I give her more kisses than she wants before putting her in her crib and handing her her blanket. She prefers to find the tag before cuddling with it on her belly.
7:24 pm | I feel particularly grimy today so I hop in the shower immediately.

7:48 pm | I start the cloth diapers, grab water and a glass of wine, and can now curl up in bed with my laptop for the night. Tonight I am putting together this very post, other nights I read blogs or read my book or watch a movie until it is time to call it a night.
 11:41 pm | Time to call it a night. I usually end up closing my eyes around 10:30 or 11:00, but these type of posts take forever to put together. If you made it to the end, you deserve a cookie.