Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Twelve Months Old

December 2nd
Also occasionally referred to as one year old!
Weight: to be added

Height: to be added

Sleep: I hate, loathe, despise daylight savings. What a crap idea. Aria just recently started sleeping past 7 again. I know 7 is probably like the best morning ever for some parents, but Aria was an 8 o'clock baby for months. I got use to it. I enjoyed it. I missed it. Anyway, she has slept in until 8 most days this past week. She goes down about 7 - 7:30 and sleeps through the night beautifully. Unless some jerk of a tooth has different ideas. But, mostly awesome in the sleeping department. Naps are still 11 to 1 or 2, sometimes 12:30, with the occasionally 10 minute cat nap later in the afternoon.

Clothes: I'm annoyed at clothes right now. She is mostly in size 12 months, but a sprinkle of 9 months onesies are hanging in there too. But, most of her pants are getting too small and the next size is way too big. None of the sizes in different brands ever matches, and half the time I can't remember if it runs big or small in a particular brand. I feel like we just stocked up on baby clothes and now need to do it again. Just knock it off with the crazy growing, kid!

Diapers: We are down to a handful of size 3 diapers so we are going to see if she can fit in the size 4s we already have. She is right at the cusp of size 4, so perhaps. Her bum is big enough for her Thirsties duo all-in-ones now too. It is very nice to have a few more CDs in rotation. Although, the wet bag never seems to be ready for the new day so I think we will have to grab another one so I don't have to stack dirty CDs on the shelf (ick). I haven't given the bumGenius a test run in a while so maybe those will fit better now too.

Loves: The mama, the dadada, great grandma, Baxter, Lizzy, the cat, pretty much all animals, going outside on cool days, drinking from her momma cup, my phone, peeling off any and all stickers, taking DVDs out of cases (..yay), making messes, purses, making people laugh, leg rides (where she sits on your foot and you bounce your leg), dancing, bread, pulling up shirts to look at bellies, when daddy comes in the door from work, fans, her new leapfrog popping play piano her Godfather got her for her birthday, and rides in her step2 whisper ride II pink car that mom and dad got her for her birthday.

Hates: Same old same old - diapers changed, face washes, not being picked up when requested, and face planting.

Milestone progress: She waves bye-bye and hello when prompted most of the time, or sees people leaving, or just for the heck of it too. She signs all done, and just signed diaper the other day for the first time. Those are the only signs so far.

She can go from sitting to standing without holding on to anything if she tries really hard. And, she took her first step Nov. 29th towards daddy, while I was right behind him so we both got to see it. I freaked out, cheered, and promptly teared up. She loves pushing anything that will move while she walks behind it, and will walk holding onto me now too.

She is understanding things more and more. She will point if you ask her to find something. It isn't always what you asked her to point to, but she understand that you want her to point. She helped me put back her blocks the other day, technically just the one block and then took two out, but I thought her putting one in the bag was progress!

She is really into climbing, but hasn't quite gotten up on anything yet. Just the one shelf that is low enough so far. But, she is so close to climbing up on the stool. She can open up the back door too. We make sure to keep it bolted all the time now, and that bit she cannot reach yet.

Nothing else has broken through since last month - 4 on top and 2 on the bottom still. None of her gums seems to be overly bothering her either.
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  1. Happy birthday pretty baby! And momma--get ready...the developmental explosions after 12 months are so much fun (well except the teeth and tantrums, haha!)!

    1. That is very exciting to hear! Definitely seems like completely different levels of child seeing half year older babes. Like, no way Aria will be like that so soon!!! I'm just looking forward to walking soon, so fun to watch her get stronger.

  2. happy Birthday sweet girl!! she reminds me so much of the way Callie started walking - wanting to be very sure of herself. If that holds true once she's ready she'll practically be running! it's so much fun and makes your life so much easier with the walking! oh and Jenesha is right about year 2! A lot happens in their first year but the development explosion in year two is mind blowingly amazing!

    1. Funny because I was thinking the same thing about Callie not walking until a little after a year, and Aria taking her time too. I feel like she will totally just all of a sudden walk like she knew how the whole time! I love the developments, can't wait for all the new ones this year =)

  3. Happy Birthday Aria and Mama! Congrats! You made it through the first year! Now on to the real fun! I agree with JLPS! 6 months from now you will have a completely different person! It's incredible how much she will change in such a short amount of time! Vocabulary will take off and so will motor skills! She'll be a walking/running, talking little person! Enjoy this time! It's one of the best!

    P.S. Love the grab button! You're now proudly displayed on my site!

    1. Thank you! Everybody mentioning the explosion of developments is super exciting! Can't wait to experience it all. Definitely looking forward to the talking.

      That is the sweetest, thank you!

  4. I love her Jammie's!! Happy birthday!

  5. Aiden has been getting up at 5:30 these days! Ai yi yi it's killing me. I sure hope by the time he's 1, he is sleeping through the night too... I get up 3-5 times with him still.

    1. Oh my that is no fun for momma. I definitely feel really lucky to have a great sleeper, makes me a better momma for sure. Hard on no sleep. I hope Aiden starts sleeping better soon, maybe it is teeth?


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