Monday, December 16, 2013

Mommy & Me Monday: St. Augustine Style

Two Thursdays ago, way back when, we headed up to St. Augustine (the oldest continuously occupied settlement in America) for our friend's wedding. Technically only Chris went to the wedding because I thought leaving Aria in the hotel room was a poor decision. I think some people frown upon such things. But, we also wanted to bring her with us because yay mini trip to St. Augustine. I love St. Augustine - it is cute, it is quaint, it is historic, it is gorgeous. All things that I enjoy. And, it has been a really long time since I actually did an overnight there so that was a nice perk. Plus, it was Aria's first hotel stay too.

We stayed at the Casa Monica, which has been around since 1888. I believe they have updated the bedding since then. Aria seemed to enjoy it.
After dropping off our stuff, and there was a lot of it - traveling with a baby is intense, we went out in search of food.
We ended up at Meehan's Irish Pub because we are predictable like that. Chris couldn't stop raving about his steak and I could eat their macaroni and cheese every day forever, and Aria actually enjoyed both those things. Before the meal came Aria tried the lemon...
This is her after face. I guess she liked it though because she kept going back for more, although she made a sour face each time.
Then we strolled back to Casa Monica along pretty streets lined with Spanish style architecture and trees.
We met up with some friends also attending the wedding back at the hotel so that everybody could get ready and then hit the pavement. Then it was just me and this sweet little blonde baby, who instantly turned into a pissed off clingy whiny downright refusing to be pleasant baby. I brought out all of her favourite toys and sat with her on the floor, I turned on the first cartoon I came across on the tv, I even bribed her with pretzels. But, nothing would please her so I turned on food network, sat on the floor, and tried to keep her from complaining too loudly. I did manage to get a mommy and me picture in the room though.
Eventually I offered her all the food I had stockpiled in the room that she picked at a little bit, but much preferred rubbing on the floor.
After that I gave up. I tossed her in the bath, which resulted in her being calm and happy for a few minutes, before boobing her and calling it an early night. Thankfully she went down and stayed down, even when Chris was carried in by his ever-patient friends after having a few too many glasses of wine. I, however, slept terribly because those pillows were way too thick and killed my neck and back. I don't know how sleeping with your neck at a 90 degree angle is comfortable.
When we were up at the crack of dawn the next morning we were all ravenous. So, after packing up all the junk, checking out, loading up the car, and finding a new (less expensive) place to park we hopped over to the Bunnery for breakfast.
It filled the hole, but my biscuits and gravy are totally better. Aria enjoyed her toast though and window watching.
More walking. More Aria waving at everybody.
And, since we were going to get on the road around 11 so Aria would nap the whole way back and we only had time for one thing, we decided to do a quick visit to our favourite place - the Castillo De San Marcos, or the old fort. Its construction began in 1672 and as far as I can recall it was never taken forcefully.
We had perfect timing because as soon as we walked in they were getting ready to do their canon demonstration.
I wasn't really successful in getting many mommy and me pictures during this trip, but Chris did snap one during the canon demonstration. Aria wasn't even phased when the canon boomed. I love that she takes everything in stride, except when people she doesn't know hold Santa, whom we haven't seen yet, but I am foreseeing a meltdown.
After the canon we did a loop around the place, and even ran into some friends from the wedding who were doing the same touristy thing we were.
And then we said goodbye, because Aria was ready for her nap and we were all ready for some air conditioning. Florida in December can be really lame, but the blue skies were perfection.

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  1. It looks gorgeous!!! And hello delicious biscuits... I want some in my belly right now!

    1. Biscuits and gravy sounds delish right now, even if it is almost 1am. I'm thinking breakfast!

  2. What a fun little getaway!! I want to go somewhere warm, I'm so tired of being inside because it's cold outside. Yay for 60 degree temps this week!!

    1. I think it was in the 90s that day/weekend. It wasn't a pleasant warmth. I'm okay with the high 70s though, that is downright chilly for me. It has been a while since 60s were a heat wave. I will probably turn into an icicle when I got up to PA next week. I might live in my winter coat that week! Enjoy your 60s =)


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