Wednesday, November 27, 2013

These Are a Few of my Favourite Things - Stocking Stuffers
[ 1 ] No stocking is complete without Peppermint Patties.
[ 2 ] If a pair of Coach sunglasses found their way into my stocking I would be a happy camper. Small enough to fit, essential enough to be universally enjoyed.
[ 3 ] It took me a while to finally jump on board the Philosophy body wash bandwagon and I must say I ain't getting off anytime soon. This is a need, not just a want!
[ 4 ] A new DVD to add to the collection is always a hit with me, especially a chick flick or a holiday favourite.
[ 5 ] If you want to blow the stocking out of the water this Christmas go with jewelry. I love the idea of a rolling ring, but there are a gazillion much cheaper and cute as heck options too.
[ 6 ] You can't go wrong with lip balm. I go through so much lip balm, I can't leave home without it. I've been itching to try EOS lip balm too.
[ 7 ] If you want to add just a little luxury item pop in a bath bomb, how cute is the snowman? Make sure to mention it comes with an hour of babysitting, a bottle of wine, and uninterrupted reading time.
[ 8 ] And, of course, no stocking stuffer idea list would be complete without nail polish.

What would you like your stocking to be stuffed with this year???

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  1. Replies
    1. I eye it up every time I see it and just never pull the trigger. I think I will have to next time.

  2. Love that ring! And definitely EOS lip's the best!

    1. It isn't set in stone, but we might be done with one. So, I love that it has three rings for our family of three. And, even if we add any more members I still think it is a pretty ring! Can't lose =)

  3. :) I get York peppermint patties in my stocking almost every mama and I both share a love for that candy!!! YUM!
    Thanks for linking up with us, beautiful! cheers!! xx


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