Monday, November 18, 2013

Sweet S...Monday

November 10th - 16th
A day late and a dollar short...

We had a lot of pleasant weather this week, so we spent many moments out on the back porch.

 There were moments playing with the dog chain.

 Moments investigating leaves.

 And, moments of yoga and contemplation.

Aria became quite proficient at reading upside down.
If you ask her where the cat is on the last page of 'Five Little Pumpkins' she will point to the cat too, which makes mama oh so proud.

Aria has decided that she likes to share. Baxter was very interested until he found out it wasn't a real apple.
She even fed me a roll last night at a a tree her godfather's.

 I let Aria fall asleep while nursing and snuggle in my lap for an extra 20 or so minutes two, three times this week. I was feeling like time was slipping away so quickly; she barely fits on my lap anymore and I've been working on her 1st birthday party details too. So, instead of laying her down and kissing her good night, we cuddled up and savored a few minutes of her still being a baby, while we still can. It was the cherry on my week.

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  1. I precious! I fully support the extra cuddles with bald, blonde sleeping beauties :)

    1. Gotta get em while you can! Little blonde baldy is trying to bang on the keyboard, so much more peaceful asleep.

  2. adorable.. the yoga pose and upside down reading..
    my son still likes to try to put his hand down my shirt..

    1. It is funny, Aria usually doesn't do that to me...just other people.

      She came up with the yoga pose all on her own too, I don't do that movement myself. She must like a good stretch!

  3. Love the yoga poses while exploring the leaves! Everything look so different upside down. :)

    1. True! Maybe that is why she does it, new perspective =)

  4. I love every time she wears plaid!! I think maybe I need to invest in some plaid here (but oh man little lady has too many clothes already!)! and that leaf photo beautiful!

    1. I think I am going nuts, I swear I responded to this here comment already...but apparently not.

      I just wanted to say you should check out the boy section at Once Upon A Child for plaid things. I guess boys get all the plaid? Her plaid pjs were from the boys side. And, both her Christmas pjs with feet now that I think about it. Seems like the little girls side gets picked over before I can get anything!

      You should see how many pictures I have of blurry leaves. That was the only clear shot of one. I was having fun playing around with my camera settings though.


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