Saturday, November 2, 2013

Eleven Months Old

November 2nd
Weight: Our official pediatrician weight at Aria's appointment 2 weeks ago was 20 lbs.

Height: 28 and 3/4 inches.

Sleep: We've had a blip of waking up at 6am screaming because of a tooth the past several days. I'm over it, let's go back to that sleeping through the night thing and waking up at 8am all happy happy baby. That is how it usually happens around here, which receives two thumbs up from me. In other sleep news, Aria has kicked her second nap to the curb. We pushed the first nap back until 11am and it usually lasts until 2. Not too shabby.

Update: She slept soundly until 8am this morning! Hooray!

Clothes: Aria is no longer fitting in those size 9 month things now, other than a handful of onesies. We need to take another trip out to our favourite used kids clothes shop for a restock. Size 12 month, wow, I can't believe that my teeny 5 lb baby that was swimming in newborn clothes is now wearing size 12 month.

Diapers: Size 3 Pampers baby dry. We are on our second gigantic box, and my guess is that she will be in this size for a good bit. And, still going strong with the FuzziBunz.

Loves: When daddy walks in the door - she gets so excited she can barely contain it, dancing - anytime she hears music she starts bopping and bouncing around, sneezing - for some reason it makes her smile, all animals, shaking everything she can lift, and blowing bubbles in water.

Hates: Same old same old - diapers changed, face washes, not being picked up when requested, and face planting.

Milestone progress: Her 'all done' signing is getting closer to what the 'all done' sign actually looks like. Her waving now involves movement, a clasp unclasp motion. She says 'mama' quite clearly too, but usually just when she is annoyed. Like a swear word, angry 'mama'. It is still the cutest thing ever.

She can touch the floor with both feet on her pewi bike and she can zoom around on it all on her own. She even plops herself off of it, but I have to balance her at the last second. It surprised me the first time she did it. She really has the hang of it, very excitingly skull cracking. The dancing like I mentioned above is one of my favourite new milestones. I can't wait for her to be able to stand independently and bop around. We'll be dancing all day long! 

She stands on her own occasionally when she isn't paying attention to it, but short lived and few and far between. She seems content with crawling for the moment. I can get her to hold my hands and walk a few steps every once and a while, but she doesn't seem to care for it. We were all convinced she would be an early walker because she hates being still, but I guess when she figured out crawling it satisfied her mobility needs for the present.

Her sixth tooth just broke through yesterday afternoon. 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom now. It was just 5 for a decent while, and that sixth one was a meany at 6am so I am glad it is out. Teething is oh so fun. We did have one incidence of biting while nursing, actually it was just how the tooth was pulling down on the skin. So, I did a quick read online for some tips to stop it and so far that solved the issue - thankfully, ouch. facebook pinterest bloglovin Image Map


  1. she is SO darn cute! I love the plaid! and I am just as confounded as you about the diaper changes and face washing...I mean, seriously, why does it have to be so darn difficult?! DIVAS.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I'm so proud of my pictures this month-day, it is such a challenge to get her to smile or even look at the camera any more. Oy.

  3. Teach her to wipe her own nose/face/hands and your life will be forever so much easier! Callie now insists on having a napkin at meals! She also I think learned to like to clean from that because she wants to wipe up the tinniest spill of anything. She still hates diaper changes so little to no tips there except try to get her while she's standing. If she has a lovey or baby doll I can sometimes get Callie to be more ok with a diaper changes if she's "wiping" her bunny/doll. And I LOVE that oshkosh plaid dress! So cute! Happy 11mo!

    1. How did you teach that to Callie? Aria just eats napkins.

      You can change a diaper while Callie stands? My God you are wonder woman. My friend who is a mom of two did that at the zoo, and I was like watching in awe. Aria is okay with some diaper changes and I can distract her with her stuffed plutos, other times she just isn't having it. Babies - so irrational.


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