Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sweet Sunday (postponed until Tuesday)

October 6th - 12th
Our Canadian Thanksgiving party prep took up all my time, so I had to put off the Sweet Sunday post until now. Better late than never, eh?

We had lunch at TGI Friday's while running errands last Sunday. Aria's favourite was the bread and ribs!

We spent the evening over at Aria's godfather's place outside with the bunny, pups, and pool. Aria showed off her pointing skills by pointing out the bunny, Jar Jar.

Aria had a blast in the pool. She splished and splashed and kicked her legs. It was cute she kept splashing water on her face and gasping over and over - it was like she was surprised each and every time.

maxi cosi pria 70
Miss no longer an infant. Chris installed the new convertible car seat for Aria - the Maxi-Cosi Pria 70. And, it is installed in a Nissan Sentra. Just in case anybody happens to have one and wants to know if the maxi-cosi fits in it. It does, and much better than the graco snugride did too. So far two thumbs up.

Great-grandma got Aria a new mint sleeper and she tested it out right away. I think she likes it. It has grippers on the feet so she can motor around at top speeds - her favourite.

She can stand up anywhere now. Flat surfaces? Cake.


Aria's Yia-Yia sent her a big box of clothes. She helped dad unpack them all and tried on a few of the cutest. Anybody need to borrow a frilly dress? I've got about 20 now.

Great-Grandma thought they frilly dresses were so cute she had to get her sister over to check them out.

Oh man, the climbing fearless gravity defying baby. She is quite determined this one.

I finally caught this move with the camera! She is so funny. She stops playing randomly and does a head stand. All the time. And, usually in multiples. What is this? I haven't a clue. It is cute as hell though.

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