Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mommy & Me Monday

Today is Thanksgiving, Canadian style - Happy Thanksgiving eh!

So, yesterday we had our 4th annual Canadian Thanksgiving party. Aria's godparents came over. There was enough food to feed all of Canada. And, there were good times had by almost all. Aria got the short end of the stick in the fun department. She bruised her top lip when mommy knocked her off balance trying to wipe up some drool - I felt like a real hat. Then she ate a sand spur, which I called a sticker and confused everybody. But, she ate a sand spur. I don't know where she got it, but I saw her chewing on something and tried to get it out. Then I saw blood in her drool and proceeded to freak the heck out, and it all ended in her swallowing it while screaming because naturally that shit hurt. I immediately wanted to stab all sand spurs for having the audacity to end up in my baby's mouth. Still do, dammit. Then to top it off she lost her footing while pushing a little box and busted her lower lip. Come on! This kid face plants daily but has never bloodied herself, and then three times in one day. At least she enjoyed her cranberry sauce.

But, hey it is also Mommy & Me Monday with Dear Owen and Everyday Love!
Today I have a picture of my little one all dolled up to greet her guests for the party. This was pre sand spur and lower lip busting. Ugh. How can a day be so full of fun and yet suck so much too? I've got my fingers crossed for a better day today, and no sand spurs ever again.
Happy Monday, be thankful your kid hasn't eaten a sand spur (I hope).

My Everyday Love
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