Friday, October 11, 2013

Five on Friday

I decided to finally join the 5 on Friday link up, because everybody else in the entire blogging universe does so I obviously need to get with the program! So, today I am linking up with the good life blog, Carolina Charm, A. Liz Adventures, and Hello! Happiness.
[ 1 ]  I've been totally crushing on these leggings from Gap, plus 35% off until Monday. They also come in black and white, but I think the purple and black is beyond perfect for October.

[ 2 ] I had, until very recently, a green shirt with an owl graphic on it that I had been running around in because yay festive. But, somehow I bleached a circle in the middle. I haven't a clue how it happened. I was still wearing it. All of a sudden I look down and why is there a white circle on my shirt?! So, I need a new festive shirt to wear, and this one is 10 bucks from Target - can't go wrong.

[ 3 ] I have seriously been on the hunt for the perfect grey booties for years. Literally since I lived in Colorado almost 4 years ago I have wanted grey booties. I think I must have the grey bootie curse (snort), I just never find a pair that is the right height, colour, price, cuteness level, or my size. These above from Sole Society, which are adorable and perfect, are not available in my size. Sigh.

[ 4 ] I have been badgering Chris for a bigger purse for a while now. A chocolate brown Coach purse to be exact. Mine is just big enough to fit the essentials, but I would really like to fit a couple things for Aria in there too so I don't have to a. not have them or b. take a big ol' diaper bag. Also, now that I have a medium-ish sized camera it definitely doesn't fit in my purse and the Lord knows I like to drag the camera along on the outings.

[ 5 ] Speaking of my camera, the strap is annoying. It is harsh around my neck and irritating. I found this pretty pretty one, and then saw it was $130. Wha....damn that is pricy. I hope it has a built in neck massager for that price. Geesh.

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  1. that Halloween shirt is awesome and you can't beat the price!!

    ok so you have to tell me how do you (everyone) do those fancy photo boxes of different things?!


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