Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Trip Down Memory Lane #4

My favourite time of the day is bedtime. I give Aria a bath - and she feels so soft, and she smells wonderfully babyesque, and her hair gets all fluffy. Then I put her in her jammies and she snuggles up on my lap to nurse. I look down at her in the dark while she cuddles making the cutest sucking sounds and just watch her. 

Aria is not a snuggler. She is a go-go-go baby. And, she absolutely won't let you hold her while you are sitting. You can get the occasional hug in while you stand, but most of the time she wants to jingle the bells and go see the cat. But, at bedtime she curls up close and is quiet and peaceful and snuggles with me for a few minutes. And, I treasure those minutes. I study the curve of her tiny nose, and I listen to the sound of her breathing, and I try not to think about how I was flawed that day and I always tell myself to begin each day fresh.

I've been reorganizing my picture lately, and backing them up because losing them is not an option. And, I love coming across the pictures of Aria sleeping on me. That has got to be the best thing about a newborn. They let you get in all the snuggles you can handle. And, they are so small they fit perfectly on your chest. And, the noises they make in their sleep are the best.

So, I am sharing two of my favourites from months ago when Aria was my little cuddler. Is there anything sweeter than a baby sleeping on your chest? No, no there is not.
I hope you get a few cuddles of your own this Fall Wednesday!

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