Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sweet Sunday

September 8th - 14th
I thought it was Saturday for most of the day, so I didn't think to pop up this post earlier.

Still no camera, but there is one ordered (this one (affiliate link), if you are interested in that sort of thing). So, instead of a bunch of blurry phone pictures, I figured I'd just put my two favourites up.

Aria has been really into pulling herself up this week, and pushing the stool around a little bit too. A push walker mabob has been ordered now. I think she will get a kick out of it.

Her bottom tooth broke through the gums a couple mornings ago. She was super clingy the day before it came out, but not overly grumpy unless of course I dared to sit her on her butt.

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night, and I clicked on the baby monitor to stalker-stare at Aria and check in on her. So, I see her wrestling with her seahorse. When she managed to turn it on she sat up and stared at it until it turned off, which is a good couple of minutes. Then she started wrestling with it again until she got it to turn on once more and then sat up to stare at it. I thought it was the funniest thing. I have no idea how long she kept at it because I passed out again before she stopped.

We've been craft store shopping for DIY halloween decoration tidbits. I think we must have hit up every one in town. I can't resist the decorations. I want all the things!
These little top hat headbands are so cute. Aria tried on a couple for us. We might have been tempted to buy one if she would actually keep the thing on for more than 1.7 seconds.

I was trying to get a picture of her draped on my shoulder, but as soon as I grabbed the phone she sat up. Then as I took this pic she looked up at me instead of the phone and it became even cuter. I think she wanted my earring.


  1. I love that pic of her looking at you. It's so sweet! :)

    1. Thank you!! I only wish it wasn't taken with my terrible camera phone.


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