Tuesday, September 17, 2013

9th Month Favourites

1. Swan Lake Musical Button Book - I've only read this to her a couple times, but what she loves is the music buttons. I keep it by her changing table. If she gets fussy I hit one of the buttons and she stops and stares in the direction the noise is coming from. I even hit the third one down at the end of a diaper change as a signal for all done, and she dances and smiles while I pick her up to do a waltz around the room. Daddy even gets in on it, but his is a lot more bouncy.

2. Baby Proofing in General - I am all about the baby proofing. I would probably baby proof all the things if I knew how. This isn't a specific baby proofing item favourite, but the idea of baby proofing. I'm all for it! I do have a baby proofing products post in the works though, after all the items have been tested and used. But, I do love this baby gate. You can mount it with hardware or pressure mount it, so that is nifty. With Aria crawling around it is nice to be able to let her go wherever and get into mostly anything.

3. Fisher-Price Nighty-night, Monkey Book - This is one of Aria's favourite toys. There are two flippable pages that voice the story when you open them, plus a big button that makes extra sounds. I hear Aria open up a page over and over that repeats 'when the sun' 'when the sun' all the time. Sometimes I want to shoot it, but she enjoys it so I resist.

4. Munchkin Soft-Tip Infant Spoons -  These are lovely for learning how to use a spoon. When we first broke out the spoons Aria would hold on towards the front and I could still guide by holding the back end. Now that she is better with the aim I fill up the spoon and hand it over to her. She can grab towards the tip and I don't have to get applesauce all over my fingers because of the long length. Eventually we will have to switch to a shorter spoon that she can fill all on her own, but right now the long handle is ideal. Plus she enjoys chewing on the tip and it doesn't hurt her gums.

5. Arm & Hammer Bag Dispenser - I clip this on my diaper bag (as mentioned in this post) so I don't have to leave stinky diapers anywhere. I prefer to do traveling diaper changes in the backseat of the car. The public changing tables make me cringe, and Aria really enjoys screaming when we use them. So, I can toss diaper and wipes in a scented bag and throw it away when I get home. I've never had any smell issues using these bags. They hold a surprising amount. And, Aria loves playing with the dispenser while I change her.

6. Munchkin Ring Teether - Another one of Aria's favourite toys. I don't use it as a cold teether, which it is designed for. But, she grabs it from her toy box a bunch. She chews on it, and hits things with it, and carries it around. There isn't much to it but it gets a lot of use. This is another one of those things that I forgot to mention in a previous favourites post, but she has fancied this teether for at least 4 months now.

7. i play Swim Diaper - A friend of mine let me borrow her extra i play for a little water action at the zoo, but I ended up stealing it and she told me to keep it. I didn't even know there was another option beyond the disposable swim diapers that apparently get saturated in a matter of seconds. But, this i play rocks. It stays on without any problems and it has kept everything in that needs to be in. Now it is a pull up type, which takes a little finesse to pull on but that isn't a big enough detractor for me to not love it. Plus, it is really cute.

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  1. We have a book similar to #3, one of Sofia's favorites! :)

    Hello Newlywed Life Blog

    1. I didn't thinks he would like it at first (it was a gift) but she ended up loving it! Shows what mom knows.

  2. This kinda made me tear up! I miss all of these little things from when Drew was that age!

    Feel free to come join us at our link party where we write thoughts on our little ones in the future. I'd love to know what you think Aria will be like! :)

    1. Great link up idea, and idea just in general. I actually have something like that planned for her birthday where I ask everybody to write down some future predictions, and open them up in 15 years or something. Details not worked out yet. But, I think it will be awesome!
      I think your link up closes just before I can knock out a post though, we shall see we shall see. Thanks for inviting me!


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