Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sweet Sunday

August 11th - 17th

First of all, this was not my idea. Chris grabbed a beach towel and took Aria outside to sit in the hot Florida summer heat. I stepped outside to tell them they were nuts, but when Aria saw me she started crying and reaching for me. Well, there is just no resisting that. For the record, it wasn't so bad in the shade. Plus, baby belly giggles make you forget about the temperature.

 This one was my idea though. We took a morning walk around Erna Nixon park down the street. We all looked like we took a swim by the end though.

Mine, mine, all mine. That one too.

 We took a drive over to Crane Creek for a picnic lunch one day too. And, it was pretty nice in the shade of the bridge. The walks from and to the car were killer though.
I think Aria looks like a little southern belle in her outfit and bonnet.
And, there was even a kitty (that I had to take a picture of for Aria's godmother, Silvana).

 Somebody is perfecting her roll, crawl twice, sit, repeat movements. Next thing you know she is across the room getting into trouble, and collecting dog hair on the way.

 Apparently the prime time to feed the birds at the pond is in the morning because they all flocked over, even the ducks waddled over. It was all fun and games until the friggin geese came over too. I really really don't like geese - no regard for personal space, toe biting, hissing, attack geese.

 For some reason I thought this was a good idea. Oh I can put the cloth diaper bin on the floor because it is heavy enough for Aria to pull herself up the lid doesn't actually stay on...I'll just turn it over...oh right it just pops up that way too. But, she had fun making a mess of them.

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