Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sweet Sunday

July 28th - August 3rd

This pink polka dot butt looks so innocent wiggling around on the couch.

Florida is miserable in the summer. We've barely stepped outside lately. I feel sweaty just thinking about going to the zoo. So, we do all the silly things inside like flop around on dad's lap.

Look who can sit herself up. Look who isn't a fan of not being picked up immediately. I heard her stir from her nap and I walked in to find a sitting child. Naturally I ran and grabbed the camera.

She stole a bib from the pile of unwanted bibs I am getting rid of and played with it for 20 or 30 minutes. Who needs toys? I actually had to pry it out of her fingers so I could tie up the unwanted bibs.

Being her adorable self on the floor.

Great Grandma got her a new toy book thing that reads to you. So far she has enjoyed bashing herself and me with it, and opening and closing the page so it reads the first three words over and over and over...

Lizzy has decided she loves the attention from Turtle, and Turtle loves crawling all over her trying to grab her collar and bite her feet. Lizzy just lies there and takes it. It is the sweetest thing, except she ends up covered in little black hairs.

 Baxter shows his love from more of a distance. But, he is willing to share his fish toy.

Not only are we sitting ourselves up but we are also pulling ourselves up on things.

And, succeeding. She managed to pull herself to standing in her crib once.

 So, the next day dad lowered it. Turtle has herself a bona fide baby cage now.

 3... She got pretty pissed off about 2 seconds later. Now if she could just figure out how to go forward. She did manage three separate crawl movements forward yesterday for the first time, so maybe soon.

Piles of baby clothes everywhere! I got around to sorting all the clothes that Turtle no longer fits into. I've got two piles to send to soon/future babies, one pile to sell, one stained pile to toss, and one tiny take home outfit to save.

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