Thursday, August 29, 2013

Monthly Things - August

I am so jealous of anybody that mentions how chilly it is on the occasional morning or says there is a nice coolness to the night air. Yeah, I bet that is lovely isn't it? I go outside and it feels like somebody threw a wet blanket over me. Enjoy your slow trek towards Fall while I sweat to death. Unless you are in Florida like me, then high five! Lets go to Disney!

My bestie, for 13 years now (I had to do the math twice because really that long?), had her baby girl this month. She looks just like her momma with a nice head of dark hair. Or, at least that is what I see in pictures because I haven't actually seen her yet. Silvana stop bogarting the baby. And, my cousin-in-law (is that a real thing) had her baby boy this month too, just a couple days apart from Silvana. He, however, is in California so a bit far for a quick visit, but at least his momma posts tons of photos. Aria told me she wants a California cousin play date sometime soon though! Congrats to both new (exhausted) mommas!

Does anybody remember those pastel gel pens? Are those still around? Remember how they never wrote well at all? I still have a box full of them that I don't have the heart to throw away. I am pretty anti-pack rat, but for some reason I don't like to get rid of pens. All the back to school vibes in the air make me want to get pens. Nothing beats a pretty bouquet of pens on your desk.

[ 1 ] I saw a link to this long list of summery recipes, things to do, crafts, party ideas, etc. I thought it would be good to reference in the future when Aria is a wee bit older. Good stuff Martha, good stuff.
[ 2 ] I love caving. I've never done anything like this, just the cookie cutter cave tours you can take here and there. But, it certainly would be incredibly frighting and awe-inspiring. Although maybe don't watch The Descent beforehand.
Image via Kevin & Amanda

[ 1 ] As a kid I wasn't plugged in to technology all the time, and not because it wasn't available (I'm not that old) but because I liked to do craft type project. Now I'd probably go nuts without my laptop and the internet. But, sometimes you really do need a break from technology. Lost in Travels has some good ideas on what to do when you take a technology vacation. And, I think it will be important to make sure Aria can entertain herself without a bunch of electronic devices too.

[ 1 ] Forts are the best. Forts made of pillows and backs of furniture and sheets. I like the other kind too, the kind that are old and you can walk around in. Ohdeardrea's little lady Marlowe's fort is pretty fabulous. Gets me excited for fort building with Aria.

[ 1 / 2 ] If you don't read My Baby Birds you should. She has some great posts. #1 talks about the idea that after you have one baby you should be old hat when the second, third, etc comes along. Sure you have a better idea about what you are getting yourself into, but no two babies are alike. You shouldn't feel like you have to be a baby pro when #2 comes around, and she has 4 adorable girls so she can tell you what it really is like to have a whole troop of little women. And, #2 is a list of the lessons and  gems of wisdom she wants her girls to know. Some of them are funny, and some of them make me want to hold my baby tight as long as I can.

[ 1 ] If my manifesto on cloth diapering (here and here) isn't enough, here is somebody else's manifesto on cloth diapering. I don't think I researched any other baby thing more than cloth diapering. So many choices, so confusing, so simple once you do it yourself.

[ 1 ] I love this shimmery black dramatic eye makeup tutorial. It is a must have look for around the nursery or when you are sitting on the couch watching your almost 9 month old pull herself up on the coffee table. Maybe not. Still pretty.

[ 1 ] I find the title of this post to be hilarious: The 10 People I'd Like to Give Paper Cuts to Today.

[ 1 / 2 ] Yes. People are too judgmental, but it seems to run rampant with mother's. It would be much better if we applauded and stood behind other peoples' choices even if they are different from our own. Spread around love and support rather than sneers and snoot (I think I made that up) (no, I didn't...snoot - thinking that only your way is the right way, or looking down your nose at people) (stick that in your dictionary and smoke it) (snoot is such a cool word). Unless it is putting a child in danger keep your two cents to yourself.

[ 1 / 2 ] Some people have all the talent.
Image via Love Taza

[ 1 via 2 ] This article and the post that mentions this article have been circling around in my mind ever since I read them. The article's title is "The Day I Stopped Saying 'Hurry Up'" - "I was a bully who pushed and pressured and hurried a small child who simply wanted to enjoy life." and "Pausing to delight in the simple joys of everyday life is the only way to truly live." I just absolutely love this, and absolutely must remember this when life gets hectic. Live in the moment rather than in the future. If you are hurrying to get somewhere you are losing out on the present moments. It just feels so refreshing to let yourself go at a child's pace. [ 2 ] This post fits right in too. Julie from the girl in the red shoes talks about trying to do it all. It just isn't possible to do it all. Figure out what you value the most, like being with your kid and healthy meals, and focus on what you can do. So what if the furniture needs dusting.

[ 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 ] Recipes I've recently pinned! #1 - Some of the prettiest cocktails I've ever seen. #2 - These pops make my mouth water. #3 - This salad looks so light and refreshing during the summer. #4 - When I saw this biscuits I instantly wanted to make them. #5 - Um cinnamon roll sugar cookie bars, yes please.
Image via Cooking Classy

Things got extra busy this month when Chris took a second job - he has to do both old and new for insurance reasons until the start of the year. So he keeps busy with work and the little sleep he can get, and I keep busy hanging out with Aria. I clearly have the better deal. Who could ask for better company? But, I've had less time to sit on my rear and read. So the only book I managed to get through this month was James Rollins' Map of Bones, which I mentioned I wanted to read in July's Monthly Things post. I liked it a lot more than the first in the SIGMA series Sandstorm, so I think I'll get my hands on the third when I also get my hands on some extra time.
Image via goodreads

Chris and I got out to see City of Bones, which I read earlier this year. And, while I liked the movie it definitely follows the book quite loosely. The actor that plays Jace is kind of sort of not at all attractive, which is always a bummer. Although Magnus Bane is rather yummy. Just saying.
Image via IMDb

I talked my grandma into reading the first two books in Deborah Harkness' All Souls Trilogy (1/2)(the third is not out yet), and now I really want to read them again myself. And, I might end up doing just that around Christmas since the third doesn't even have a publication date yet.
Image via goodreads

You know what songs have been in my head all month? The Little Mermaid ones. You are welcome. I honestly think Chris is ready to kill me. Aria doesn't seem to mind though.

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