Thursday, August 1, 2013

Losing The Baby Weight

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This is more of a motivational stuff post. You don't really need most of these things to lose the baby weight. But, sometimes something new, shiny, helpful, or pretty is just what you need to get off your butt. After you have a baby working out is all about trying to find the time, and finding the motivation to (instead of sitting on your tush and relaxing during a blessed nap) actually do it. 

If you want to run, and don't want to get up at 5am to get one in, then a jogging stroller (like #13 the bumbleride indie stroller that is super pretty) could be a good investment. Go earlier in the day when it is not so hot, bring water, have tunes, and make sure the baby isn't getting a tan. If you aren't a runner but want to be try the couch to 5k program. If you are a runner try challenging yourself with a marathon training program, even sign up for an actual one if you are brave. I'd recommend investing in a well made running shoe as well as a good supportive sports bra though, especially if you are breastfeeding. If you drop all that cash getting a jogging stroller you will definitely be motivated to get your money's worth out of it.

If you want to workout at home buy, rent, borrow, stream a couple DVDs. I've done Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred before, it can definitely kick your butt. I absolutely love belly dancing workouts, and Shimmy is my all time favourite. I was so bummed when they stopped airing episodes. Yoga is a must with a new baby in my opinion. Everything gets so sore carrying around a baby, and I've been doing this yoga book from the start. The chest expansion does wonders for between the shoulders pain. Plus, I do yoga when Turtle is up and playing in her jumperoo - you don't even need to waste precious nap time minutes. If you buy a pair of the softest most comfortable workout pants then you will want to wear them and if you are wearing them you might as well workout, right?

I just got these New Balance running shoes (#7). So, I am hoping this new shiny will help get me off my butt. The pair I had were from when I was in high school...and falling apart, it was time. I technically lost all my baby weight by my postpartum appointment, but since then I've gained a few extra pounds back. Completely lame. Here's to making the healthy choices, drinking all the water, and sweating!

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