Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Little Boy Fall Styles That Work For Girls

I am practically giddy with excitement from all the fall clothes popping up everywhere. Even though you don't need just about any of it in Florida, I still love clothing in the autumn - boots, jeans, long sleeves, chunky sweaters, scarves. Put it on a baby and it is 100 times cuter. But, the summer outfits are still dominating my favourite children's clothing websites. So, I meandered over to the boys section to get my fall fix and realized Aria would be completely adorable in a few of those style too. 
I have a thing for plaid, even before it hit a high in its popularity a few years back - is it still trendy? I have no idea. Pair any but #5 with my favourite denim leggings, or these comfy knit pants. So cute. Also the boys seem to have a monopoly on the clothes with moose prints, which is completely unfair because I have a wee bit of a moose obsession - slightly random, but what can you do?
What do you think, would you pick up something cute from the boys section to put on a little girl?
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