Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Because, I am!

I am a total college football fan at heart. I am a Blue & Orange Florida girl, even though I went to CU - home of Ralphie. I never even went to a Buffs game. While I don't feel much of a connection to CU sports, I do feel a connection to the campus itself and the buildings, Hale anthropology in particular. The CU campus is always on those top beautiful campus lists, and it lives up to its name. And, Hale looks like a castle with doors hiding spiral staircases and tricky to find hallways. It was definitely a picturesque place to learn...and I've gotten way off topic.

So, point. I love college football, but don't follow pro closely. I don't have A team, and I could tell you the teams I don't like better than teams I do like. For example, I hate anything in Texas or Georgia. I do like me some Manning brothers though. But, I'll root for almost any team with a cute QB or that nobody thinks will win. And, I have a fondness for the Denver Broncos after my stint in Colorado, especially now that Peyton joined the mile high team. I oddly enough don't like any Florida pro teams.

But, this year I decided to jump into pro football by joining a lady blogger league. I know next to nothing about Fantasy Football. And, you know who else knows just as much about it as I do? My husband. He was no help whatsoever. Our draft was last night, and it went something like...um he isn't on a team I hate, okay I pick him.

Here is how that panned out:
RB - Trent Richardson
RB - Montee Ball
QB - Peyton Manning (duh)
WR - Wes Welker
WR - Antonio Brown
WR - Jeremy Kerley
TE - Kyle Rudolph
DEF - Baltimore
K - Matt Prater

6 bench spots that I picked on a whim.

Yahoo! Sports gave me a D+. How rude. I'm totally going to win. Okay maybe not, but I think it will be something different to do this football season while I cheer on my college guys. I can see what all the fuss is about. Chris doesn't watch football, or any sports for that matter, so I have my fingers crossed Aria will get the football fan gene from me.

Care to check out the other ladies in the league?
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#10. Sami from Sami's Shenanigans
#11. Sheryl from Belly Buttons and Bows
#12. Courtney...that's me!


  1. Yahoo was kind of a jerk with their grades! I tried and I only got a B-

    1. Yeah I'm kind of green with this whole thing but it seems a wee bit judgmental to give you a grade before anything happens. Or, maybe do it differently - like click here to see your grade! Instead of stamping a big ol' D on it. Way harsh.


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