Wednesday, August 7, 2013

8th Month Favourites

Favourite baby products at 8 months
Jumpsuits - I'm a big fan of simple baby clothing. Turtle wears footed sleepers, onesies, dresses, and these jumpsuits most of the time. I'm all about whatever gives me easy access to the diaper. Dresses are about as easy as it gets, but when it is chilly in the house I like to put her in a thin jumpsuit. Just enough coverage of arms and legs to cut the chill. But, because they have no feet she can still work on crawling and standing. She can't get any traction with footed sleepers. At first I didn't see the point in these because I thought they were for sleeping and I didn't want her tootsies freezing. Then somebody gifted her one, with turtles on it - so sweet, and I realized it was perfect for during the day when she is a little cold. I was actually on the hunt for some in size 9 months yesterday, but I struck out. I'll have to keep my eyes open because I've come to love them.

Johnson's Hand & Face Wipes - I can't believe these aren't already on a monthly favourites post. I could have sworn they were part of the first one. They are so handy. I loved these when she first came home before her belly button stump fell off because I could use them in the morning as a quick wash or after feedings, especially to keep her under the chin area clean. I also have one in the diaper bag for quick hand cleanings, sanitizing, etc. And, now they are the best because I use them after every meal to wipe her face, her neck, arms, and between fingers - sometimes between toes too. She smells so good afterwards too.

Elegant Baby Squirties - When my in-laws visited back in April they brought down like three bags of goodies for Turtle, including these squirt toys. They are so cute, and Turtle chews and chews on them in her bath. The hubs likes that the squirt holes are in realistic areas, like blow holes. We have this sea critter set in the tub right now, but we have the land animal set too - the sea critters just seem more relevant. Remember to squeeze all the water out at the end of each bath, nobody wants mold and mildew all up in the baby toys.

Planet Wise Large Wet Bag - This is another item that has been a favourite for a while that just never made it onto a previous monthly favourites post. But, it is the best thing to stick dirty cloth diapers into. You have no hint of stink after you zip it up, even after that one time I waited three days to wash the cloth diapers. Plus I think the owl pattern is adorable, but there are about a million to choose from if that isn't your personal taste. Also, the large size comes with a snap handle that is perfect to hang on a hook next to the changing table for easy dirty diaper stuffing.

Infantino Cloud Cart Cover - Technically I don't have the Infantino cover, I do have the Eddie Bauer one. I love having a cart cover, but the Eddie Bauer one is lame. Or, I'm just an idiot and can't figure out how to get it on the cart, and neither can the hubs. It is huge and there are strings and flaps all over the place but the flaps don't go over anything that would make sense and the strings are in odd places. So I just toss the stupid thing over the cart, aim the feet holes at the right spot, and call it a day. I had the Infantino cover on my ultimate needed-baby-things list, probably based off recommendations and reviews.  But, when I went to get it at this awesome second hand shop for all things baby nearby (where I basically get everything) they didn't have it. I had seen an Infantino cover there on one of my many previous visits, but I didn't need it for a while and never thought to snag one. So, I am stuck with the Eddie Bauer one, which I do not recommend but having a cart cover in general I do recommend. It is good for all things seat-like and germy.

Banana Training Infant Toothbrush - I am kind of big on oral hygiene. I wanted to start Turtle right away on the idea of brushing her teeth, or gums in her toothless case, and letting me brush them for her as well. I kept the banana by the changing table and as soon as she could grasp things I would let her chew on it when I changed a diaper, but most of the time she would drop it. Around the same time, when I would brush my teeth I'd rub her gums with a wet finger to 'brush' her teeth. Then I thought I should just bring in the banana and she could brush her teeth while I brush mine. Turns out she loves it. I hand her the banana and then go about brushing my teeth while she is propped up on my hip and she chews and chews and chews and stares at me and occasionally drops it. I flip the bristles up for her and she chews some more, I move it to the opposite side of her mouth and she chews some more, and then she lets me rub it all over her gums for about 10 seconds. I'm sure it feels nice on her gums, and I am hoping it will condition her to be decent with teeth brushing later on when it really matters. My dentist also gave me the thumbs up when I asked her about baby oral health and told her about our banana sessions.

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