Saturday, July 27, 2013

Monthly Things - July

It feels like summer is almost over, but at the same time I know there is no end in sight to the heat so summer is really never over in Florida. Thankfully it has been wicked rainy this month, keeps things all around more pleasant. 

[1] I'm not sure I have the balls to swim with whale sharks, but it sounds so awe inspiring. [2] I live right by turtle hatching grounds but I've never actually seen them make their trip to the ocean, um cutest things ever?
 image via Lost in Travels

[1] I've always loved these DIY framed maps of the world, and this one is lovely in a baby room. [2] This is a really cute DIY mirror with spoons. I think it would look particularly fun in a young girl's room with a painted stem below it.
image via Marshalls Abroad

I love these ideas - [1 / 2 / 3]. Ombre eye liner, so fun. And, these nail lemons look so fancy yet so simple to create. I love ohdeardrea's spontaneous pizza picnic idea so much too. I would have pounced on the idea already if it hasn't been so rainy lately. Soon.

[1] There is a lot of pressure to not judge parents. And, I agree it is solid advice to not judge a parent for their well thought out choices in raising their children, such as breastfeeding vs not or co-sleeping. But, you shouldn't be afraid to judge what a parent does that puts their child in danger or harms way. I liked what My Baby Bird's had to say on the subject: "If you post pictures of your toddler riding in the front seat of your car, or you pawn your children off on other people every weekend to go out and booze, or you're making babies without gainful employment,  or you let your child tell other adults to 'shut up',  or you keep unlocked loaded weapons in your bedside table with children in the house, I'm judging you." How many times do you have to hear 'oh I forgot my baby was in the back of the car when I went shopping' or 'I cracked the window and was only going in for a minute'? Are you kidding me? You just killed your child, you deserve to be harshly punished. Some things should not be judged, and particularly mothers should remember that motherhood is not a competition, but some things absolutely should be judged.

[1] Hahaha. I can so relate to this post on taking a self portrait. I go through a similarly agonizing process taking family portraits. It was a downright pain in the bum with the two dogs, but it was an even less fun experience the one time I tried it with the dogs and Turtle. Talk about fail. Obviously I could use a remote, but I'm pretty sure my point and shoot isn't fancy enough for such extras.

[1 / 2] Both of these treats look so good. Who doesn't need a just for fun layer cake? [1 / 2] I've yet to try quinoa, but these two recipes seem like good ones to start with. [1 / 2 / 3] Muffins, rolls up, and tamale pie..oh my.

[1] I love the idea of the Color Bar. You get to create your own jewelry, and it all looks so fun and colourful. [2] Also, on the same blog I am loving this maxi, which is being given away until the 28th if you care to pop over and try your luck. [3] This skirt is the prettiest. [4] And, this dress is lovely - it has pockets, and it is even cuter cinched at the bottom. All these pieces are so perfect for the summer!

Remember this post back in May? I finally got fed up enough with my falling apart comforter to get new bedding. We almost got #5 from that post, but I read the insides bunched and that turned me off. So, the hubs and I just went to Target and did the back and forth routine in the bedding aisles for what felt like hours. We ended up with three new pillows, this comforter, these sheets in blue, and a drained husband. So far it feels like sleeping in a fluffy cloud, and a vast improvement over a comforter with holes in it.

I may have been obsessed with the Royal Baby, okay still am. I woke up that morning thinking man it would be a good day for Kate to go into labor, and then I saw she had. And, then a little prince was born. So exciting.

I was on a chick lit kick this month. I read two by Sarah Strohmeyer, The Sleeping Beauty Proposal and Sweet Love. Sweet Love was meh, but The Sleeping Beauty Proposal was pretty good - funny with a happy ending, just like a chick lit should be. I also read my first Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Ain't She Sweet, which I thought was very good. Still funny with a happy ending, but it felt like more was going on with the characters. My favourite was The Lost Duke of Wyndham by Julia Quinn - she just knows how to write a sexy male character. Downright terrible cover though. I ended the month with an adventure by James Rollins, Sandstorm. I picked it up because I wanted to read something akin to Dan Brown's Robert Langdon series, and while it was quite enjoyable it doesn't immerse you in the hunt like Dan Brown's books do so well. Although I have James Rollins' second one, Map of Bones that I'd like to read next because I've heard it is better. We shall see...
image via Goodreads

I randomly had Britney Spears' Lucky stuck in my head one day and I've been on a Britney Spears kick since then.

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