Friday, July 5, 2013

All I Hear Are Fireworks, Fireworks, Fireworks

I hope everybody had a fun filled, delicious, and safe 4th of July. And, I hope if you set off fireworks, you knocked that shit off at a reasonable hour. The hubs tells me I am going to be such a grumpy old person by 30 - I don't doubt it. Our little 4th was filled with food, food, and more food. 

Turtle and I had a red, white, blue and heart shaped breakfast. It was suppose to be star shaped, but I couldn't find my star shaped cookie cutter. So, I went with hearts - I heart America, see it works.

I also made waffles, because I wanted both. And, go big or go home, right? 'Merica. Turtle and I pigged out and then took a nap. We party hard.

 I grilled us up some burgers for lunch. Turtle's was deconstructed - a chunk of cheese, a slice of tomato, and a little patty all her own.

I thought maybe I should take a picture that wasn't of food. Although, Turtle kindly rubbed food in my hair. The hubs looks exasperated. And, this is what happens to your face when you take a nap in mascara. Lovely. 

We were invited over to our cousins' home for eatin' and fireworks. Unfortunately it was precisely at bedtime. But, we decided to make an appearance. Turtle did surprisingly well staying up past her bedtime and seeing lots of people. Eventually she had enough though and we walked a screaming tired little one back home.

We ate before we left, of course. I'm totally bummed I missed the flag cake though, and the fireworks. Hearing fireworks coming from every direction around my house is one thing, but it is a much more fun other thing setting off your own. Unless you drop one in the box of fireworks and you have to take cover and roll off of a boat, just saying.

Happy Birthday, America!
Thank you to everyone who serves this country, and an extra thank you to the families that support them.

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