Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sweet Sunday

June 23rd- 29th

Oh hey, guess where we went this week? Did you guess the zoo, because if so you would be right. We have a membership, and it is close.

 But, Turtle's Godfather joined us this time. And, it rained.

 Turtle fed the deer, whom her Godfather called Clementine. Who am I to question it?

Turtle on a turtle! There is a nifty playground at the zoo that Turtle is a wee bit little to take advantage of, but it provided a photo opportunity.

More fun in the water too - with her new polka dot swim suit from her Godmother.

Turtle is very helpful when we vacuum.

Watching How To Train Your Dragon on the floor with dad.

Playing on great grandma's bed.

 I randomly decided to pop the Rock and Play out so that I could take a picture to compare now to December. It isn't that far in the past but memories of her so tiny and sleepy and floppy are pretty vague. It is cliche but time really flies, and they grow up so fast. Sniff*

We have had a vocalization leap this week. Before Turtle would blow lots and lots of raspberries, but starting just a handful of days ago she can now babble something that sounds like blub/blug and dadadada. It is the cutest thing to hear.

She was playing on the floor, and she slowly rolled and wiggled her way under my foot rest and proceeded to play with the throw blanket. Who needs toys?

Turtle isn't that into books yet, but she will let us read to her a few poems or a short story before getting bored.

Just rolling around on the floor in her patriotic outfit.
The hubs really enjoys having his picture taken.

 Turtle lights up when she sits on her dad's shoulders.

We hadn't been to the beach in a few weeks, because ugh it is so damn hot here, but Turtle was all smiles on our walk along the shore. It was also uncharacteristically chilly, who knew?

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